Oiselle Wednesday: Fancy Mini Stride Shorts

I might be a member of the Oiselle Volée Team, but I've been wearing Oiselle (pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 135 pound Mommy-body!

A few weeks ago Oiselle was doing something cool where they would have one item on super sale every day. When the Fancy Mini Stride Shorts showed up at an amazing price, I figured, "why not?" and I grabbed a couple pairs. I've known that I love their longer Stride Short sisters, and I've been enjoying my shorter Portman Shorts, so I figured what's 3/4 of an inch?

I've worn these babies for a few runs now, plus multiple sessions of Jasyoga, and I'm all aboard the booty train! Yes, they are short. Yes, my butt is probably hanging out when I run. But they are also providing me with a tiny bit of relief from the incredible heat we're dealing with here in the South. Clearly my thighs communicate with each other while I run, but with a bit of Body Glide, I have no issues with chafing in the Stride Minis. 

The material that the Strides and Stride Minis are made from is Plya Compression, which is super lightweight but also extremely wicking. This provides for an awesome ride, as the fabric moves with you as you run and hugs you in just the right amounts. I will say they are not as compressive as the Portman Shorts, but they are also much lighter which feels amazing for hot summer speed sessions.

The Stride Minis measure in at 2.25 inches which is shorter than the 3 inch Portman Shorts, but longer than the 1.75 inch Mac Rogas. So yes, they are short. But no, you don't have to be a size 2 to wear them (not that you do for any Oiselle piece). I'm closing in on Master's status which aids in my "zero effs given" attitude, but I'd love to see more women go for it and just wear what they want. For me, I want to wear these super beautiful prints, AND feel uninhibited by material as I fly!

I went back and forth when deciding what size to get in these shorts, but I ended up going with an 8. While I'm super curious to see how a 6 might fit, I'm happy with how the 8 works for me. I'm now wearing a 6 in Rogas and I wear a 6 in the Portman Shorts, but I feel like the Stride Minis and Stride shorts might run a little smaller. My thoughts on going to a 6 would be that they might be tighter through the leg which could be a good thing, but also tighter around my hips which would not be a good thing (for me). 

The shorts feature a small zippered pocked on the hip which is the perfect size for a key or gel. I'm not sure that it would fit much more than that, but these are minimal shorts! They also have a strip of mesh material on both sides of the legs that aid in the coolness factor. I believe this material is the same material that my favorite Go Tank is made out of, which means the breathability is top notch. 

Now you're not going to be just standing around looking cute in these shorts, are you? You're going to be running, and therefore you want to know what they look like when you run. Do they ride up? Do they show sweat? Do they chafe? All good questions, and here are some visuals of what they look like on the run:

Special thanks to Lexi for taking these pictures and to Belle for peeing in them.

Special thanks to Lexi for taking these pictures and to Belle for peeing in them.

Do they ride up? Straight answer is yes. For me, I wasn't surprised about this because I did essentially size up. However, I found once my run progressed and I got sweaty, they stayed put better. I don't feel like this should dissuade you from giving them a try though. You could also try sizing down and that would probably help.

Do they show sweat? Nope, not one bit. But really, can we stop making this an issue? We're humans, we sweat. And some of us happen to sweat in the crotch area. I'm a major sweat-er and sometimes pee-er so I don't have time to worry about this, but if you do, rest easy in the Stride Minis!

Do they chafe? I have had no issues with chafing in these. Full disclosure, I did use Body Glide on my inner thighs just to be safe, but there were no iffy seams or any other areas that caused problems!

Bottom line, I think the Stride Minis have a place in every woman's running wardrobe. I like them best for speed work, because I think they make me look fast. And if I look fast, surely I am fast, right?! They are regularly priced at $46, but right now the Midnight Molecular print that I'm wearing is on sale for $36! Also, word in the sky (because birds, duh), is that the new gorgeous Tribeca prints will be coming out in the Stride Minis to join the Strides! 

Also pictured: Gifted Verrazano Bra, Mesh Cap, and an unavailable Born and Raced top

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When's the last time you exited your Comfort Zone?

I hit the trails the other day despite my intense fear of snakes! Didn't see any snakes but I still went for it!

What's your number one hot running tip?

Less is best. Ditch the top and wear some short shorts and go get it!

Currently...July Edition

You know it's been a long time since you've opened up your blog when Squarespace tries to give you a tutorial of how to create a blog post.  Oops.  For the 17th time since I started blogging in some fashion 7+ years ago, I have let my blog wallow in silence.  Apparently someone still cares though, because my Oiselle teammate, Dodie, contacted me for help in starting her own blog.  I know, I laughed too, because who am I to dish out blogging advice, however it did inspire me to take a run at blogging again!  And what easier way to dip my toe in the blogging water, than with a "Currently" post.  So let's do this thang.

Currently Reading

I'm actually shuffling through a few books right now, and to be honest I'm not totally enthralled with any of them. Except one. The ones I'm just getting through for the sake of it are Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult, The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsey Lee Johnson, and Gridley Girls by Meredith First. For some reason I'm just not emotionally invested in any of them. The one I am enthralled by...Run the World by elite marathoner Becky Wade. I was contacted by the publisher to receive a copy, and I am loving it. I'll have a more detailed review at some point so stay tuned!


Currently Watching

I finished the new season of Orange is the New Black, and just like the rest of the world, I was rocked to the core. Obviously I won't reveal anything that happens because some of you maybe haven't watched it, but be prepared. Never has a television show affected me the way this show does season after season. And this season maybe the most intense ever. How am I supposed to wait until next year????


Currently Needing

A kick in the ass. I've been working A LOT, so I truly do have an excuse for my decrease in running. If you've never worked a 12 hour shift as a retail pharmacist, let me just tell you, it's physically and mentally exhausting. It can also be incredibly rewarding, so I'm in no way hating on my career choice. I love my job, I love my pharmacy crew, and I love my patients, but I also love to sit and rest my feet sometimes. The good news is that my schedule will be changing soon because all of our hard work is paying off, and we are getting another pharmacist to allow for overlap on the weekdays! I'm hopeful this will alleviate some of my exhaustion and allow more running.

Currently Wishing

I wish we could have early sunrises and late sunsets with temperatures of 50-70 degrees year round. Basically I want summer hours with spring/fall temperatures all year. Is that so much to ask for? Every summer, I realize that more hours of light during the day truly makes for better moods for me. However, I prefer cooler temperatures, like every runner ever born. Gosh it's truly a fine balance. 

Currently Listening 

My inner hippie heart is listening to Phish every chance I get. We have the Live Phish app which allows us to listen to every show, even the show from the night before! Unfortunately, Lexi and Lyla aren't as big of fans of Phish as Josh and I are, so I'm listening to Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling" on repeat most of the time. I'm not mad about it to be honest. 


Currently Obsessing Over

Burgen, Rise, and Rhubarb. Don't know what I'm talking about? Then clearly you haven't seen the new colors and prints that Oiselle released yesterday. Hopefully if I can keep on a blogging roll you'll see some new stuff soon in a Oiselle Wednesday post! 


Currently Drinking

A law just passed that allowed grocery stores to sell wine in Tennessee, so I'm working on becoming a wine drinker. Being that I am a pharmacist in a grocery store, it's just way too convenient to not grab a bottle after a grueling shift. Honestly, I'm thinking I'm not sophisticated enough for all of those choices though. So just give me an IPA and we'll call it good. Oh, and I'm obviously still staying hydrated with all the Nuun. I'm loving combining Cherry Limeade with Lemon Lacroix for a fizzy afternoon mocktail!

Currently Eating

Watermelon, Pancho's cheese dip, eggs, cheese, tacos, pizza, hot dogs, sushi, candy. Basically nothing that would truly count as "healthy", except I guess the watermelon and eggs. But I am still completely in love with the new Picky Bar flavor, Moroccan Your World. So at least when I eat my daily dose of that goodness, I know I'm eating something clean and full of good-for-me fuel. 


Currently Wearing

Since it's a million degrees outside, I've been rocking the bra only look on my runs, and I'm loving the coverage that the Oiselle Gifted Verrazano provides. You can check out my review here, but suffice it to say, it's the best bra ever. I'm also loving the Mini Stride Shorts which I have yet to review, but I will soon. They are light and short, and keep me cool while I'm dying on even my short 3 mile jaunts. 

Proof you don't have to be a size 2 to rock some itty bitty shorts :)

Proof you don't have to be a size 2 to rock some itty bitty shorts :)

Oh my gosh, I did it you guys. I completed a blog post. I hope you enjoyed all the randomness I had to offer, and I hope you'll share some of your own randomness with me! 

Share your own Currently in the comments!



The Sunday GYST XX

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:





If I was Catholic I could probably start this post with some sort of confessional..."Dear Father I have sinned.". Except my sin would be not blogging, and that's really not a sin at all. So we'll just scrap that whole intro and chat about how I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. There's been a time issue and a motivation issue, and since I don't make money off this little slice of internet pie, I've just kind of shifted focus. But I miss it! That's the crazy thing! So since my house is clean after having Tara in town for a visit, I figured, what the hell. Let's do this thing.

Pause for this super cute picture from yesterday. That would be Tara, Lyla, Jana, Baby Parker, Me, and Lexi. We're all cute.

Pause for this super cute picture from yesterday. That would be Tara, Lyla, Jana, Baby Parker, Me, and Lexi. We're all cute.


Thanks to Tara's visit, my house is in pretty good shape. Our laundry is done and put away (!) and the sink is currently empty. I dusted and cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed and really got my shit together last Friday to prepare. So basically I feel like I'm in a good position to work on maintaining this togetherness. Not gonna lie, I'm feeling really accomplished, and I like that feeling. As you can see from my planner, this is the L's last week of school. I can NOT believe I'm about to have two second graders on my hands. I'm still in shock that they can read and write and perform like regular kids, despite having me as a mom (I kid. Sort of). I'm excited to be done with homework and the weekly grind for a little while, although I'm sure I'll be ready for school to start back in no time, because let's be honest, I'm about to have NO FREE TIME. And mommies like free time. Nothing wrong with admitting that!

Meal Plan:

I'm probably not doing a whole bunch of cooking this week because Tuesday we always pick up something after gymnastics, and Thursday we'll be at our synagogue for a festival. Friday is my mother in law's birthday and Saturday I work, so....yeah. Plus I've put on a few ell-bees that I would like to take off, so I need to start cooking some "healthier" meals. Or maybe I just need to have my sweet tooth removed. Either way, I'm looking to add some more fruits and veggies to my daily life! Speaking of which, I picked up some peaches from my Kroger the other day and they were so delicious! I thought it might be too early for peaches but they were spectacular. And now I'm hungry.

Work Out:



The past couple weeks have been a complete shit show when it comes to working out. It started out with me deciding to rearrange my running workouts due to a friend's life event. And then it ended with Bagel Bites. No for real, this Instagram post was the last time I've run:

Seems this resonated with a lot of y'all so thank you!

Seems this resonated with a lot of y'all so thank you!

But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have gotten to snuggle the cutest little baby a bunch, plus I got to make dinner for that cute baby's Mommy and Daddy and sister. Not to mention I've snuggled my own little babies a lot too! But this Mama's sanity is fading a little while the waist is expanding, so it's time to refocus. I'm starting back in my schedule to where I was, and I'm excited to get back out there! I have realized that I need to put a bigger emphasis on my Jasyoga and core work though, because my body is reminding me I'm 37. Nothing worse than feeling aches and pains the minute you wake up! 

And with that, I'm off to finish my Nuun, and get out for a run! I have some fun posts scheduled for this week, so make sure and check back. 

How was your weekend?

What are you looking forward to this week?



I know it's Wednesday, and I normally do a Oiselle Wednesday post, but I'm going to be honest: I'm feeling plump and I don't feel like plastering pictures of myself all over the blog. I say this not for sympathy or "Oh you look great" comments, but for transparency. I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with my body, but I'm also aware when I've been a happy eater. So that's that. Instead, I thought I'd shake it up and talk about what's up currently in my world. I mean it can't be all clothes, all the time. But hey, it was pretty cool to make this blog

Currently Reading...

I just finished Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, and I absolutely adored it. There were times I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry, but I found myself laughing more often than not. Probably because I tend to laugh at inappropriate things. Mental illness has always had a spot in my heart, starting back in pharmacy school, so this was an interesting look at its affect on the author. I've got a few books that I was approved to read through Net Galley, and I'm starting with The Passenger by Lisa Lutz. Now I just need to stay awake long enough to read at bedtime!

Currently Watching...

Honestly my TV watching has been kind of non-existent lately. By the time the girls go to bed, I'm ready to go to sleep too! The only thing I've been keeping up with is People Vs. O.J. Simpson on FX, although I'm a few episodes behind. I can't believe it's been over 20 years since this all took place. I still remember being in high school and our teachers allowing us to turn the TV on to watch the verdict. I'm loving the show, although Ross as the Kardashian dude is killing me.


Currently Needing...

I'm in desperate need of a manicure. I normally do my nails myself, but my cuticles are in rough shape and only a professional can deal with them. I'm also needing someone to do something with my eyebrows. They are a hot mess right now. Well, they really always are. My poor children have inherited some awful eyebrows. So not on fleek.



Currently Wishing...

I wish everyone I knew had and used Snapchat. I'm having way too much fun on there. I love posting my own stuff, but I really love getting a peek into other people's lives. My favorite account is Little Wing's, oiselle_lw. Jess, Mel, and Collier are hilarious and I love that they have fun while training their asses off. If you want to follow me, my account is itsceciliabitch. Unfortunately I can't change that. Embarrassingly enough, I must have been going through a big Britney phase when I created this.

Currently Listening to...

Right now I'm mostly listening to my children play Just Dance, so Kelly Clarkson will be stuck in my head for a while. While running, I'm still obsessed with Sia and Ellie Goulding. These 2 women are so fierce and they are super motivating while I'm running. "Bird Set Free" by Sia is my power anthem!


Currently Obsessing over...

I can't stop stalking my friend Margaret's Instagram pics. Her photography is amazing, and her food pics literally make me want to lick my phone screen. It really makes me wish I had a fancy camera, but let's be real...I still couldn't take pictures like she does! 

Currently Wishing...

At this exact moment I'm wishing my kids weren't so loud. Transparency at it's finest. They basically have one level, and it's eleven. Besides that, I'm wishing pollen didn't drive my eyes crazy. And then I'm wishing that my glasses were the correct prescription so I could take my contacts out and be able to see. This reminds me I need to make myself an eye appointment!

Currently Drinking...

This can go in different ways, but I'm currently drinking the new Mango Orange Nuun. I love how refreshing it is and I love the new formulation and how light it is. As far as adult beverages, I'm currently on a Gotta Get Up To Get Down kick. I love supporting our local breweries, and Wiseacre is one of my favorites. Only problem with this beer, the lactose isn't too kind to my tummy. 

Currently Eating...

All.The.Eggs. I'm in a huge egg phase right now, and I don't intend to quit any time soon. I'll eat them any way, but over easy is my jam. Eggs for life. And believe it or not, I have no pictures of my latest egg creations. I guess I eat them too fast. 

I'll be back next Wednesday with a new Oiselle Wednesday review! I'm still deciding what piece to review so if you have any requests, please let me know. 

Tell me one of your "Currently's" in the comments!



A Special Oiselle Wednesday

I might be a member of the Oiselle Volée Team, but I've been wearing Oiselle (pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 130 pound Mommy-body!


This week's Oiselle Wednesday is special for several reasons, mostly because it's a WHOLE OUTFIT instead of one piece! But also because everything seen here was graciously provided by Oiselle for the purpose of an honest review. When Jacquelyn contacted me to see if I was interested, I obviously peed my pants out of excitement. She was quick to point out that they were truly wanting honest feedback, so please know that everything I'm about to say is my true opinion. Nothing is veiled by the fact of FREE OISELLE. Carrying on...

I had know idea what Oiselle would be sending me when I received my box of goodies. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find the Holepunch Lux Sweatshirt, Gifted Verrazano Bra, Embossed Roga Shorts, and Mesh Cap. Altogether, these items make one helluva  beautiful running ensemble, but let's dive deeper into each piece!


When this piece launched earlier this year, I was totally entranced by the beautiful marble print. I honestly wasn't sure about the likelihood of me running in it, so I didn't order it myself. I'm so glad I received this top though, because after 7 miles in it, I can say it is definitely a legit running top! That's not to say I wouldn't totally pair it with some jeans like the goddess Lauren Fleshman does here, but it's amazingly comfortable for running too. The temperature ranged from 50-55 when I wore it, which would normally be short sleeve weather for me. However, due to the amazing holepunch back, I felt breezy and cool. I want to make sure and emphasize how amazing I find the back to be...this fabric might be the most innovative material ever, and the new Holepunch Distance Shorts might need to find their way to me as well! I had no problems with chafing, and I found the material to wick my sweat perfectly. It even absorbed the Nuun that leaked from handheld well!


As a huge fan of all things Lux, I want to point out that this Lux seems to be a lighter version of the popular fabric. It's still super soft, but it lacks a little of the buttery smoothness that other Lux items contain. This is not a complaint on my part! Because it is lighter, it allows for a loose fit that feels airy and free. I am wearing a size 6, and I find it to be a perfect fit. 


The marble print is undeniably beautiful and unique, so unique that no 2 tops will end up with the same pattern! I swear, only Oiselle could do something that cool. You can get your own unique top for $78, which is amazingly worth it. This top is so versatile, and the holepunch back is absolutely a deal maker for me!

Gifted Verrazano Bra


Here's another item that I probably would have never ordered for myself...because I'm clearly not Gifted in the boobage area. But guess what?! You don't have to be gifted to wear this bra! You just have to want the most supportive yet comfortable bra ever, because that's what this is. Seriously, the moment I put on this bra, I knew I would be ordering another one for Summer running....it's that fabulous. Because the neckline comes up higher than the original Verrazano Bra, it provides unmatched support. While I was running, I never once felt the need to adjust a strap. In fact, I barely thought about the fact that I was wearing a bra! YOU NEED THIS BRA. I don't really know how else to say it. I had no hot spots from rubbing or chafing after runs varying from 3 to 5 miles.


The straps are wider which I find to be so comfortable, and they are adjustable to provide the perfect fit. I found that I like the outside straps a little tighter than the middle strap. But it's almost like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" bra, because you can make it work for your needs. It also contains removable pads, which I kept in. As far as sizing goes, I am wearing a 6, and for reference I wear a 34B in regular bras (when I wear a regular bra, ha!). 

As far as pricing goes, $58 is a steal for this bra. As us ladies know, bras can be pricey, but you will never wear a bra as comfortable as the Gifted Verrazano. Therefore, it is worth every single penny. Like I said, I will definitely be ordering another when it starts really heating up! I love this Black-Geo Bloom Print, but the Burgen-Molecular Print is also calling my name!

Embossed Roga Shorts

I have reviewed the Roga Shorts before, so you all know that I live and die by these shorts. They are the shorts to which I compare all other shorts! I didn't really realize that I could love them any more, until I received the embossed Rogas. I absolutely adore the details in these. I don't know if it's my imagination or what, but the embossed fabric feels lighter. I mean how can you possibly make the Rogas any better??


Here's something new for me: I'm wearing a size 6 in these. Normally I've always sized up in the Rogas to allow for a looser fit. But now I'm kind of hating myself, because I really love how the 6's fit. If I didn't have a ridiculous amount of Large/8 Rogas, I might start all over. Alas, I can't part with my favorite shorts of all time, so I'll just have to begin a new collection. 


It should come as no surprise that I find the $50 price tag completely reasonable. I love these shorts. I love the Midnight color that I received, and I am OBSESSED with the Mineral color that is also available in the embossed fabric. If you haven't tried Rogas, I don't know what you are waiting for! There are even some colors on sale right now!

Mesh Cap


In the words of my husband, "Do you really need another hat?". Well, no, I guess I don't NEED another hat. I mean I also don't need a donut, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to eat one. However, you DO NEED this hat, especially if you run in hot weather and have unruly hair like I do. As the name implies, this hat is made of breathable mesh that allows the heat from your head to be free. When I wear this hat, I feel like my head is cool, which in turn helps to keep the rest of my body cool. 

Since we all have different shaped heads, the adjustable bungee closure really helps to allow big heads and small heads to wear this hat with ease. I love how light it feels on my head, and despite keeping it tight to avoid flying off in the horrible wind we've been having, it doesn't give me a headache! It has a foldable brim to allow for easy storage...again, who else thinks of something like that?! Only Oiselle!

I'm so happy that Oiselle has upped their hat game with so many different styles, but I can truly say the Mesh Cap might be the most useful style, especially for the Summer. For $28, it might even be worth getting the whole Red, White, and Blue lineup! What? It is an Olympic year :)

Edited: Um there is now a Roga Hat and Roga Visor. I have no words.

Thank you so much to Jacquelyn and Oiselle for allowing me to review these pieces of the Spring 2016 line. I knew I would love everything, but I didn't realize HOW MUCH I would love it all. Once again, I am reminded how happy I am to be a member of the Oiselle Volée Team!

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Is it tough for you to find a good sports bra?

Do you stock up when you find an item that works for you?


Oiselle Wednesday: Izumo Short Sleeve

I might be a member ofthe Oiselle Volée Team, but I've been wearing Oiselle(pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 130 pound Mommy-body!


Recently I had been bemoaning the fact that I don't have a lot of short sleeve Oiselle tops. I have the Flyte 2000 which I wore last week with the Portman shorts (Christy, I'll review it soon!), and I love it, but I need more for the time between Winter and Spring! Well, when the Izumo Short Sleeve launched on the site not too long ago, I knew I needed to try it. I mean, I really owe it to you guys to try all the new stuff, right?


Yes, my hair is lighter than last week...I figured if I'm reviewing a top in a color called "Shine", I probably need to shine! Carrying on...I'm just going to break it down immediately: You need this top. It is exactly what I was looking for in a top for the end of Winter/beginning of Spring. This fabric is the Arque Nyelle, the same amazing fabric that the Endorphin 3/4 Sleeve and Wazelle Long Sleeve among others, are made of. Basically, it's soft, smooth, and seamless perfection. 


One thing I notice about the Izumo Short Sleeve, is that the fabric is kind of thicker, yet cooler, if that makes any sense. It felt great for a 55 degree run, but I could definitely see myself using it for layering in the colder months. I loved the fit, which is slim, but not binding and compressing. Of course, it wicks sweat perfectly, and I did not chafe at all in it.


I decided on getting a Medium, although I wavered back in forth between the Small. In the end, I'm happy with the Medium because it ends up being a looser fit, and I like that it hits slightly below my hip. I have heard some complaints that the top stretches once it is super sweaty, and unfortunately I can't speak to this. But, the other tops that I have in the Arque fabric have never done this, so who knows! 


Lest you think this is just a solid yellow top, please look again. The minute details on the Izumo are gorgeous. According to Oiselle, the Spring 2016 line is inspired by Kabuki, the Japanese performance art that draws on a warrior theme. Well, the lines in this design definitely make me feel like a warrior, ready to do work! And Shine is not any old yellow color, it is probably the most beautiful yellow ever. It's bright and makes me feel happy!


At $52, the Izumo Short Sleeve is on the pricier side. However, this is a top I believe I will wear year round, including every day stylings. I could definitely pair it with jeans, regular shorts, or even a fun skirt. As soon as I tried it on, I knew I would want to stock up in the other available colors, Podium Blue and Bloom. As far as pairings for running, I'm wearing it here with an old pair of Distance Shorts, but I believe any shorts, or tights would work with it! 


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Is there something you feel is missing from your running wardrobe?

  • Like I said, I'm always wishing I had more short sleeve tops! 

Have you bought anything new for yourself recently? Treat Yo Self!

  • I'm trying to wait to see what else will launch soon, so I bought the L's some new springy stuff instead!

Oiselle Wednesday: Portman Shorts

 I might be a member of  the Oiselle Volée Team, but I've been wearing Oiselle (pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 130 pound Mommy-body!


I really exited a comfort zone when I ordered these Portman Shorts. For years, I've stuck with the Distance Shorts and Roga Shorts since they are looser and more forgiving. But the Portman Shorts? Well they are short. And obviously tight. Would I regret this escape from my norm? 


In a word....no. No I do not regret this purchase. In fact, after my first run in them that included some half mile pick ups, I found myself loving them. They fit perfectly and I found myself not self conscious about the length at all as I focused solely on my run.  


The first question you all probably want to ask is "Did they ride up?". While the honest answer is yes, it wasn't to a point where I felt the need to adjust them. In fact, I didn't adjust them at all while I was running. I actually felt a sort of freedom while I was running thanks to the 3 inch length and compressive nature.  


I chose the Podium Blue color in the Portman Shorts because hello...look at them! This color is gorgeous! Yes, it did show sweat, but I don't worry about that nonsense. I'm a woman. I sweat in my crotch area as well as ALL OVER. Get over it. Now my tendency to pee on myself during races might prohibit me from wearing them during a race but that's a different problem altogether. 


There are zipper pockets on each hip which would be perfect for stuffing with gels or fuel for long runs. I'm also obsessed with the wide waistband that is ridiculously comfortable. It's definitely the perfect width for preventing muffin toppage.  


Yep there it is...the money shot. I must really like y'all to be posting this view! But in all honesty, I'm not ashamed because these shorts are just that hot. I'm more embarrassed by the stringiness of my hair than the state of my ass in the Portmans!  


I decided to order a size 6 in these shorts which ended up being perfect. In other shorts I size up to allow for some space, but in tighter shorts like these, I would definitely recommend sizing down. Choosing a smaller size will help with the whole riding up issue. The Nyelle Compression fabric is amazingly soft which lends for a high comfort level while running.   


At $52, these babies are worth it. I would call the Portman Shorts my confidence makers. I tend to think of the Haute Volée, the Oiselle elite team, wearing short shorts like these, but I can too. And I can feel good about myself while wearing them! And guess what?! So can YOU! I'm expecting to spend quite a few hot summer runs in the Portman Shorts and a Verrazano bra

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What have you done out of your comfort zone recently? 

  • Definitely these shorts! But I love them! 

What's your favorite non-healthy cereal? 

  • Love me some Lucky Charms.  

Rolling With The Punches

The longer I'm alive, the more I realize how necessary it is to just surrender to the forces that be. To roll with the punches. To let it be. To just be happy in the moment.  As much as I'd love to control every facet of my life, I just can't. But I can control how I react to the situations I'm in. Like deciding to end my streak. I could have easily kept going, running in pain, and dreading it every.single.day. Or I could end it, rest, make some changes, and come back happy and healthy. 

Clearly, I chose the latter. So I ended the streak and I took a few weeks of rest. That rest was so crucial for my body, and also my mind. I also needed to make some changes. One of those changes is something you may have noticed in my Instagram pictures...


Anybody notice it?

It's the shoes, people. For years I have been a loyal Mizuno wearer, for work and running. I love the different models I have been fortunate to get to try, and they are some amazing shoes. But recently it was recommended that I try something different due to my "injuries".  So here I am in Hokas, the shoe I really never thought I'd wear... 


Until I wore them. Like magic, my knee and hip pain have dissipated, and I'm finally back to running pain-free. For anyone who has ever run in pain, you know how magical that feeling is. I'm not saying my Hokas are the sole reason for this, but I am saying they feel great. The cushioning is fabulous, and they feel as light as my beloved Wave Riders. 

Honestly, I don't know what this means for me and my Mizuno love affair. I'm not ready to break up with them, and I'm still wearing them to work. But if the shoe fits, and I'm running without pain, well, Hoka it is, for now. 


The other change I've had to make is an adjustment to my expectations. Up until my extended break from running, I had been training to attempt to run a sub-2:00 half this weekend. Obviously, that's not in the plans any more. I'm totally okay with it, because as the pain had increased, it became harder to hit the paces necessary to train for that goal, so I kind of knew I wasn't going to be ready. I'm not giving up on that goal for this year, because there are plenty of other halfs. Right now, I just need to focus on getting back to healthy running.

So my new goal for the half this weekend is to run a mentally strong race. I'm a notorious head case when it comes to racing, so my goal is to run this race without falling apart. If that means running slow, then so be it. I just want to be able to run the race and not let self doubt creep in. I want to run with confidence and joy. And I want that confidence and joy to carry me forward throughout the year, when I will eventually run my sub-2:00 half.

How do you handle change?

  • The older I get, the better I am about it. I am learning to give zero f@#ks.

Do you feel guilty when changing shoes?

  • I have been feeling a massive amount of guilt. But I'm LOVING the Hoka Clifton 2s, so the guilt is fading a bit.