Thanks for checking out my piece of the internetz.  My name is Cecilia, and I'm a Mommy who runs.  We're kind of a dime a dozen these days (what does that even mean?) know the Mommy Running Blogger types.  But I'm not afraid to be brutally honest, I'll always keep it real, and I'll throw out some f@cks and sh@ts just like you probably do on mile 19 of your 20 mile long run. Consider that your warning if your kids want to read.

I became a Mommy in 2008 to my beautiful, smart, funny, kind, wild, identical twin girls named Lexi and Lyla. Yes, they are the best thing that ever happened to me.  I love being a healthy role model for them (except for the whole potty mouth thing), and they enjoy being on my fitness joyride.  We try to eat well for the most part, and we live the family life to the fullest, along with my husband and 3 dogs.


I started running in mid 2011 using the popular Couch to 5K method.  My daughters were 2 at the time and I felt like I had lost my "self".  I had no confidence in myself, despite losing all of my pregnancy weight (um over 60 pounds).  It was obvious that I needed something for ME, something that I could do to free my mind and give me spirit.  I found that running, a sport that once tortured me during my gymnastics years, was the key to my road to happiness.  I felt a freedom on the road that was unlike any feeling I had ever felt before. 

I've had many ups and downs with running since 2011.  From stress fractures to failed marathon attempts, from PRs (personal records) to new running friends, running has given me so much.  While I don't have some super inspiring story to share with the webz, I do have the ability to talk running non stop. And thus, MommiesRun was born.   Enjoy the ramblings and laughs along the way!