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Still Kickin' (ass)

Thank goodness for Instagram. Without it, you guys might have thought I died, or worse. 

{or maybe you could care less, and if that's the case, sorry to disappoint}

I'm still here, kickin ass and being my typical lazy self, but I'm ready to get back to sharing all of that awesomeness with y'all. Of course I really don't know where to start with that sharing, but I do have some cool ideas that you'll see this week.  

Here are some of my ideas: 

mammogram mondays-let's all share about our boob squeezes!

tuesday's tantrums-where I whine about all the injustices in the world!

long-winded Wednesday- I'll ramble on for hours in a vlog!

Meh. I'm just kidding. You'll just have to check back to see what I have planned. I kick ass at the jokes, as well as life.  

And an episode of MommiesRun wouldn't be complete without a completely random gif:

Smooches and good night!



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