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When Mommy and Runner don't mix.

I juggle a lot of balls. 

But I have absolutely no juggling abilities, which means I end up with balls all around me. And not in a good way.  

Saturday night was the culmination of juggling practice, and I finally decided to put down the balls. I was stressing out trying to figure out how to wake up at 4:30 am for a 10 mile race, get back home to shower and take the girls to Hebrew school,  then meet my parents for lunch. Not to mention the need for sleep and all the other things I would need to get done on a Sunday afternoon like laundry and grocery shopping. 

I thought about skipping Hebrew school, but I just paid good money for that class and I like what the girls are learning. I could skip a shower, but I'm pretty sure I'd smell after 10 miles. There was no way I was skipping lunch with my parents because my mom is having surgery tomorrow and I wanted to spend time with her (prayers please). 

The only truly logical decision was to skip the race. A race that I love and really wanted to run. I hated that decision, but my family has to come first. Always.  

As much as I believe running makes me a better Mommy, there are times when Mommy and Runner don't mix. And that's ok, because there will be other races and chances to run, but there won't always be other chances to be with my daughters and family.  

In the end, I know I made the right choice. I got to sleep in and get some rest. Lyla ended up feeling sick with a cold and needed extra attention while Lexi went to Hebrew school. And we got to enjoy a fun lunch with my parents. 

You can go ahead and give me my Mommy Of The Year medal now.  


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