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The List, Living on the Edge, and Fuel

I'm not good with time zones but I think it's probably Monday wherever you live, so happy Monday!  I'm on staycation this week, so I decided I'd use this opportunity to ramble on about whatever my heart desires. Basically I'm using this as a way to take my mind off my impending MARATHON on Saturday!  

I've always tried to keep it real with you guys, and admitting I don't have my shit together has never been a problem for me. But on the occasions where I want to get my shit together, I love to make a to-do list. I always make little boxes next to the tasks so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I get it done. Totally normal.  


Getting gas was the number one on my list because I've been living on the edge lately. I have no issues with getting gas, but I always try to wait until my gas points from Kroger have piled up so I can get a good discount (before Josh uses it!). Today I got 30 cents off so I'll consider that a win. If there is anything less than 30 cents, I won't use the discount and I won't fill up all the way. I have a meticulous system (until I inevitably run out of gas).


This is the first staycation I've had since the girls have been in school, so I took the opportunity to get some Target shopping done alone. Of course I did have to shop for their upcoming birthday, but it was still nice to take my time and not have to say "No" 27,000 times. The big score for the day was my favorite gum that I can only find at Target. This stuff is so yummy, and I love to chew it when I run!


Behold, the world's ugliest looking lunch. An almond butter sandwich, cheese, and a pear. Food blogger, I am not.  


I stopped by Academy to get my Honey Stingers for the MARATHON, which got me to thinking how I've finally gotten my running fueling down. I've been running longish distances for a couple of years now but it's only been during this training that I feel sure of myself and my nutrition. Everybody has to make their own decisions with what works best for them, but here is what I do: 

45 minutes before run:  Picky Bar and Nuun

15 minutes before run:  Gu and Nuun

Every 5 miles:  5-6 Honey Stinger chews

As often as needed:  Nuun Energy Wild Berry

After:  Coke (protein-shmrotein) 


This routine has worked perfectly for me and I'm just so happy to have figured it out. I'm not claiming that it's perfect for everyone, but it is for me. I'm always curious as to how other people fuel for long runs, so feel free to share what works for you. 

Do you make to-do lists?

How do you fuel for long runs?

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