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26.2 Randoms


There were some other things I wanted to include about my marathon but since my recap ended up being ridiculously long, I thought I'd save it for another post.  So behold, 26.2 random thoughts about my 26.2:

  1. I didn't end up listening to music at all.  I'm kind of proud of that for some reason.
  2. My hair was straight when I started the race.  It looked like a rat's nest at the end.  Do rat's even build nests?
  3. If someone ever tells you this course is flat, they are a fucking liar.
  4. 50 degrees is a great temperature for running a marathon. 
  5. Peppermints on course are so smart.  Thank you to whoever thought of that!
  6. I hope I never become so serious about running that I don't give high fives to people cheering us on.  I love high fives!
  7. How in the world do you run out of those space blankets at the end?  Kind of disappointing, but...
  8. I'm not afraid to pull a used one out of a trash can.
  9. I'm embarrassed to say I never drank my post-race beer thanks to the pukes.
  10. The photographer at the finish line that hugged me and kissed my cheek was adorable. It was like he truly got it.
  11. Oiselle for the win.  I was so comfortable in my singlet, Lesko bra, and Rogas.  I can't imagine wearing anything else.
  12. I really hate puking.
  13. I can't stop thinking about the lady that lost her Oxycodone and muscle relaxers along North Parkway.  Somebody got real lucky out there.
  14. I love that we got to run through St. Jude twice. It's an amazing reminder of why we are out there.
  15. I love "shopping" with Debi while we run.  You ladies had some cute stuff on for race day!  Kudos!
  16. Who do I need to talk to about the fact that we have to walk up stairs to get to the food after the race?
  17. One day I will use a porta-potty and not try to flush it.
  18. Balega socks are the best socks ever.  And Pro Compression calf sleeves are vital.
  19. There were so many good signs out there.  I loved the one that said, "If it were easy, it would be called Your Mom.".  Because I'm 10 and I like Your Mom jokes.
  20. Crossing the finish line, I thought to myself that I will never do this again. A day later I was already dreaming of PRs.
  21. Hanging out with my RUN365 family before the race was so much fun, and there was so much excitement in the air.
  22. I got yelled at by some dude for taking a picture with Debi, Jana, and Lauren while running.  I'm sorry, I thought having fun was allowed?
  23. The turn off between the half and the full is a scary place. You are truly making a commitment at that point.
  24. Getting a crack in your Garmin before a race is not bad luck as I had worried. 
  25. I have never been so thankful for my RunningLuv in my life.  It was covered in snot by the end of the race! 
  26. I now understand what the saying "respect the distance" is all about.

   26.2  Little Rock, anyone?


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