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Real life, a new streak, and goals achieved

It's another day of staycation and I feel like I'm really excelling at this lifestyle. Of course I did either sleep through my alarm or had an alarm malfunction, because Lyla woke me up at 8:21 am. The girls start school at 9, so my morning started a little flustered but we made it on time. There is nothing cuter than watching the girls walking into school, chatting up each teacher in the drop off line. I love seeing the teachers' smiles. 


I came home and had some coffee and a Picky Bar before heading out for a run. The schedule had me running 4 x 1 mile repeats at a little faster than marathon pace.  #nailedit


I took a shower and as I looked in my closet I remembered that there was one task on my to-do list yesterday that I missed: Cleaning this pile of junk that I call a closet. Are y'all ready for a glimpse at real life?  Don't ever say that I'm not transparent because this is as real as it gets:


I still haven't touched it. Moving on...

You probably know already that I'm on a huge run streak, 336 days to be exact (and counting). But I think I might be on a new streak...2 days and counting of Target shopping. That's right, I'm streaking. 

I also stopped by Victoria's Secret to pick up my favorite lipgloss and was excited to see that they were buy 2 get 2 free!  If you've never tried these lip glosses, I highly recommend them. I wear them all day and this is what I wear to run too. It keeps my lips moisturized and stays on so well. It's not goopy or sticky either, which is important if you are a lip gloss conisseur like me.  


Did I mention that I'm running a MARATHON this weekend?  I am!  And not just any marathon, the St. Jude Marathon, which raises money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. My fundraising goal was $1000, and I'm happy to report that that goal was met today thanks to so many fabulous donors. I wish I could hug you all to thank you, but please know that your money is going to the most worthwhile cause!  I will run on Saturday knowing that I am running for something much bigger than me. 

I DO want to remind y'all that I had another goal in mind as part of my #HeroesRun365 streak, and that is to raise as much money as miles that I run for the year. After today I'm at 993, miles which means I'll be going over 1000 miles!  That's even more money to go towards the kids at St. Jude so don't stop giving yet!  

One more thing...I guess I'm committed to another 400 or so miles of running because my new Mizuno Wave Riders just showed up. I had $25 in credit at The Clymb and with their 25% off sale, I got my orange Wave Rider 17s for $39 (with shipping!). I've lusted over this color for a while so I'm so excited to get such a great deal on them. I owe you guys a review of the 18s still, but I'm still in love with the 17s so score for me! (that link to the website is my invite link)


Oops, I have yet another thing to tell yall. Well actually to show you. I present the cutest uniformed school girl in the history of uniformed school girls:


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