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Nailed It or Failed It?

It's that time of the year when people sit back and either pat themselves on the back for nailing their goals, or sink into a dark spiral for failing miserably.  Here at MommiesRun, I want to stress to you that making it to the end of the year is an accomplishment in itself, so no dark spirals, ok?  Because I'm a blogger, and bloggers are by nature self indulgent, let's take a look at my 2014 goals and see if I Nailed It or Failed It.

1.  Do one load of laundry and dishes daily:  FAILED IT.  

Nuff said.  I had some good stretches but overall I totally failed at this.  It really might have been a lofty goal so maybe next year.  Or not.


2.  Unplug:  FAILED IT.

I want to say I did improve at letting go of the social media a little bit, but I don't think it was enough to say I nailed it.  More work to do on this for sure.

3.  Food Journaling: NAILED IT.

This wasn't a goal that I carried out for the whole year because after a couple weeks I was able to figure out the cause of my GI issues:  Starbucks sugar free syrups.  I'll take the extra calories for less bloat.

4.  Personal Upkeep:  NAILED IT.

I made more of an effort in wearing make up, but my hair has been a sore spot lately.  I think it's in a weird stage where I just really need to straighten it for it to look good. But I think from where I was last year, I nailed it.


5.  Meal Plan:  FAILED IT.

No, just no.  I maybe planned 3 weeks out of 52.  Awesome.

6.  Send birthday cards:  FAILED IT.

Did you get a birthday card from me?  Doubt it, since I didn't send a single one.

7.  Get the girls kindergarten ready: NAILED IT.

I'm giving myself a Nailed It on this one because the girls are doing great in school.  They have both mastered everything for the first half of the year, and are ahead in some categories for the second half.  They are loved by their teachers, the staff, principal, and classmates.  I might not have had much to do with that, but I'm claiming it!


8.  Run a Sub-28 minute 5K: NAILED IT.

I landed myself a 26:28 PR in April at the Bunny Run 5k.  It was totally unexpected and totally awesome.  


9.  Run a Sub-2:15 half:  FAILED IT.

To be fair, I never trained for a half this year, and only ended up running 2 halfs, with one being a marathon DNF.  Goodness, I didn't even PR a half this year, which is kind of crazy considering how much my running improved!

10.  Run a Sub-8 minute mile:  NAILED IT.

As of a couple weeks ago, my mile PR stands at 7:40!  I'm pretty pleased with that!

11.  Journal each run: FAILED IT.

I might have posted on Instagram after every run, but I didn't use my journal like I had hoped. I lasted about a month.  

12.  #HeroesRun365:  NAILED IT.

My 365 days isn't up yet, but barring some catastrophe, I will make it.  I seriously can't believe I actually did it.  I ran through a stomach virus and other colds and sinus crap.  I ran in a parking lot in flip flops.  I ran at 11:50 pm in scrubs.  But I ran every single day.  I really Nailed It.

How did your goals turn out?  Nailed it or failed it?

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