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Fundraising Friday: Picking your goal


Welcome to what will hopefully become an every other week Link Up party on MommiesRun!  Here's the deal...I want to help YOU Run For A Reason.  Therefore, I'm going to be giving you tips on how to raise money for the charity of your choice while training for the race!  At the end of the post, you'll have the chance to link up your blog, and get your message out there!

Now that you've hopefully picked out your charity, it's time to set your fundraising goal.  Obviously, the more money you can raise, the better, but I also believe in being realistic.  My first year as a St. Jude Hero, I set my goal at $100.  I found it easy to raise that amount, so last year, I raised my goal to $500.  Once again, my friends and family were super giving, and I met that goal months before the actual due date.  Naturally, I decided to up my goal to $1000 this year to correspond with my #HeroesRun365 run streak goal.  

When choosing your goal, here are some things I think you need to take into account:


1.   In most cases, any money you are not able to raise, you will be financially responsible for that amount.  Be realistic about your financial situation in case for some reason you can't meet your goal.  On the other hand, be generous with your own giving if you are able!

2.  Do you have family members that are struggling financially?  Don't put a burden on them by asking for money.  But if you have that random great aunt that is LOADED, by all means hit her up and make sure to set a goal to reflect that kind of generosity!

3.  Fundraising is not easy, especially as you also have to put time into train for your race also! Be fair to yourself when picking your goal so that you can put in as much/as little work as you desire.  I've seen some amazing methods for raising funds which I will share in coming weeks, but it takes hard work!

 4.  Several companies make matching donations, such as BP, Gap, Exxon, and Microsoft.  If you or someone you know works for one of these companies, take that into account!  Some companies have limits but how cool is that??  

5.  If you don't have much time until your fundraising is due, be easy on yourself.  But if you have months, set a bigger goal!  People are more likely to give if they don't feel rushed to give.  You can also ask different people at different times this way.

I want to know your fundraising goals!  I don't currently have a link up, so leave your link in the comments!

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