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And on Wednesdays, we eat salads {4}



 Salads are probably one of my favorite meals in the whole entire world.  You can make them as fancy or as bare-bones as you want.  Here's a salad that YOU need to try!


I'm calling this my Roasted Veggie Salad and it is outstanding. The idea came to me because we had had blackened tilapia tacos with roasted veggies and quinoa last night. Obviously I cooked too much because we had leftovers. So I decided it would be easy to throw it all on a bed of spinach and call it a day!  

I roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes by drizzling them with some olive oil and sprinkling some salt and pepper and garlic powder on top. It baked for about 20 minutes at 425 degrees or until the broccoli was browning.  

For the quinoa, I simply cooked it according to the package instructions. Then I stirred in some salsa according to taste. While the husband did not approve, I found it to be an easy and delicious side!  And clearly, black beans go perfectly with all of those veggies!

I ended up tossing it all with a little olive oil and vinegar dressing, but that was after a complete dressing fail. I had an avocado that should have been thrown away already, so I tried to create an avocado viniagrette out of it. 


I'm not giving up though so stay tuned.  


How do you feel about roasted veggies?

Quinoa fan...yes or no? 


And on Wednesdays, we eat salads {5}

I've got a confession to make...