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Dear Target...

Dear Target,

I just spent an hour and a half wrangling my 5 year old twins through your blissful aisles of shit I don't necessarily need.  The only items that made it into my cart that weren't on my list were nail polish (1 shade each for both of my girls and me), and Super Mario Brothers Danglers.  I call that a successful trip to the Red Store, as my daughters have affectionately called it since they were old enough to babble.

I meandered through the ever increasing varieties of K-cup coffees, and scoped out your lovely selection of different nut butters.  I noticed that you are once again upping your running clothes game with some very Lululemon-esque tops.  You have some cute running clothes for little girls also, so kudos to you guys for that.  I even made it past the toys and WiiU games without my girls getting out of the double cart.  

To this Mommy, it was a great shopping trip.  I even got my stuff onto the checkout conveyor belt without my daughters wanting to "help".  I thought we were going to be on our way home in no time.  

That was until the customer in front of me decided at the last minute to sign up for the Red Card. 

I'm going to let you off the hook for the candy, toys, and chapstick that clutter the check out area.  I understand this is a great way to make money and I will never fault a business for that.  But when you are *this close* to getting out of the store, and then get stuck behind someone signing up for a credit card, I can't let that go.  It's not like I could move to another line...all of my stuff was already on the belt and I sure as heck was not going to pull it off.  And I'm not blaming the cashier or the customer.  I'm hoping the cashier got some sort of perk, and the customer, well duh, she got a Red Card.  I have one too.

Here's the thing, I can't help but notice the large guest care area.  Could it not be possible to have the "guest" proceed to this area to sign up for her card?  Surely she could bring her receipt to have her refund credited to her account.  Then the antsy children on aisle 5 could move along and be on their way out of your store before they create a path of destruction behind them.


MommiesRun and her 2 antsy children.

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