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Groups, Gluvs, and Prison

Sometimes you just need to set your alarm for 5 am, get your butt out of bed, and meet your Best Running Bitch (you like that Darren?) for a nice 5 mile run.  

post 5 miles

It's hard to believe the time has come for group training runs for the St. Jude Marathon to begin, but I can't help but be excited .  I love group runs and the chance to hang with my girl, Debi.  I made things easy for myself by laying out my clothes last night, just so I had one less thing to worry about so early in the morning.  I'm loving the color combos that I can create with my Oiselle gear.  

#RunOOTD:   Nuun Headsweats Visor ,  Oiselle Scantron tank ,  Oiselle Rogas , (not pictured:   Mizuno Wave Creation 15  and  Balega Hidden Comfort Socks ).  Plus my  Runningluv  and  Nathan Handheld .  The soap can be found at Breakaway.

#RunOOTD:  Nuun Headsweats Visor, Oiselle Scantron tank, Oiselle Rogas, (not pictured:  Mizuno Wave Creation 15 and Balega Hidden Comfort Socks).  Plus my Runningluv and Nathan Handheld.  The soap can be found at Breakaway.

Breakaway had a great route planned out for us that took us through Overton Park, Hein Park, and the Greenline.  I'm always amazed at how well supported these runs are with several water stops.  The Breakaway peeps take such good care of us, and I'm excited that the St. Jude Hero training runs will be joining up too!  

As we were finishing up the run, we noticed a cute cafe, and decided we HAD to stop after our run for some coffee.  But first, we had to fist bump our awesome Runningluv's that kept us sweat and snot free during our run.  I'm reviewing mine this week and will be giving one away, so check back!  

Runningluv luv

We stopped quickly by Cafe Eclectic for some lattes and perused the menu for future runs.  Hello Bacon Waffles...you will be eaten soon.  In case you were wondering:  bacon stuffed waffles, covered in bacon.  

When I got home I decided to take advantage of my alone time while the girls were still spending the night with their grandparents.  It's been too long since I tended to my frizzy mop, so I took a shower and applied this bad boy to my locks:

Palmer's Coconut Protein Pack

It says to leave it on your hair for 10-20 minutes but since I like to PR in hair mask wearing, I decided to wrap a hot towel around my hair and hang out for a while.  I made myself my favorite breakfast of toast with smashed avocado and 2 fried eggs.  You would think I had run 20 miles, but it was so worth it.  And yes, I like my eggs very well done!

avocado toast and eggs

I put on my comfy pants that scream "lazy" and chowed down on that plate of deliciousness.  I'm pretty sure I need several more pairs of these pants because I might be so in love with them that I'd marry them.

comfy pants

After my belly was sufficiently full, I settled in to binge watch my favorite prison bitches.  Is it me or is this season of OITNB so much darker?  I have so much I want to discuss, but I'm 2 episodes away from being done and I don't want to ruin anything if you are still watching.  All I have to say is, I really dislike someone new, and I laughed out loud for a while at this:

Edward Pizzahands

As much as I love my little homegirls, sometimes a Mommy needs some time to relax, unwind, and spend some time with the prison bitches.  Am I right?

Do you like group runs?

Do you watch Orange Is The New Black?  Discuss...

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