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And on Wednesdays, we eat SALAD {2}

And on wednesdays, we eat salad

Salads are probably one of my favorite meals in the whole entire world.  You can make them as fancy or as bare-bones as you want.  Here's a salad that YOU need to try!

Salad Bar Tips

I'm super lucky to have a salad bar where I work, and I make a salad, every damn day.  Because of this, I've learned a few things about the art of salad making.  You might even call me a salad artist.  Nobody else does, but you can if you'd like.  

Above is a salad I make regularly.  I always make sure to have some protein source, and my salad bar normally has either chick peas or hard boiled eggs to top my salad.  There's also chunks of turkey and ham, but I can't go there.  Just the fact that I had to use the term "chunk" to describe the meat is a turn off to me.  On this occasion I went with chick peas for my protein, but packets of tuna are always a great salad topper.

I'm also a big believer in healthy fats.  It's no surprise that fats are a great way to bulk up a salad and give you that full feeling that most of us desire.  Olives are a great source of monounsaturated fats, so I topped my salad with these bad boys.  On most days, I'll cut up an avocado and mix that in my salad. I also used Annie's sesame ginger dressing that has sesame oil in it for more healthy fats.  

From Annie's Website

From Annie's Website

When it comes to salad bars, it's impossible for me to NOT load up on all the raw veggies.  I love it all and have been known to create a $10 salad, easily.  The biggest tip I want to give y'all is to not use the salad dressing on the bar.  It's going to weigh down your salad, and it's also probably not the healthiest.  If you're able to, buy a bottle of dressing separately and you can use it for multiple salad bar trips.

I'd also recommend you avoid the croutons and any pasta salad type things that are offered.  To me, the calories are not worth it, and it's hard to know exactly WHAT you are eating.  Just pile on those veggies and get the crunch you crave!  

What is your favorite thing to load your salad with?

What is your favorite dressing?


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