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runningluv Review and Giveaway!

runningluv review and giveaway

Bloggers often get the chance to review products, and sometimes we love them and sometimes we're kind of Meh about them.  Of the products we love, it's not super common to feel super obsessed with them, to the point where you want everyone in the world to know about the product.  And it's super uncommon to actually get to KNOW the makers of the product, and consider them friends.  But this is exactly what has happened for me with runningluv.

I got to meet Danielle and Dwight, the makers of runningluv, at the expo for the Navy 10 Nautical Mile (recap forthcoming).  Because of their previous contact with Debi, they immediately hugged me and I felt like I had known them forever.  They are just those types of people that you genuinely connect with.  Dwight is also on a run streak so we had plenty to talk about, and Danielle is just the sweetest person ever.  Debi and I were fortunate enough to get to run a large portion of the race the next day with Danielle, and I loved every second of it.  Especially as we all wiped away our sweat with our runningluvs!

Danielle, Debi, Me

I'll be honest.  Debi has been wearing a runningluv ever since we met last year.  I was always curious about it, but felt like I wouldn't like having my hand covered.  So I let a year go by without having this amazing thing in my life.  The first time I used it was for an almost 12 mile race and it was life changing.  


The humidity in Memphis is unbearable at best, but during that race, I never felt like it was an issue because I had my runningluv to wipe up my sweat.  Not to mention my snot which normally gets wiped on my shirt!  And the issue of having my hand covered?  Not an issue at all.  

Running with runningluv

After the race, I quickly got my runningluv washed, which couldn't be easier.  I just threw it in the washing machine by itself to prevent bleeding on other fabrics, and then I let it air dry.  The website does recommend hand washing, but I'm too lazy for that.  

There are several ways you can wear the runningluv, although I've gotten pretty comfortable with it just wrapped around my hand.  There is also a soft side and a terry side to distinguish between snot and sweat!  I love being able to wipe my eyes down while running so that I don't get sweat in them.  

how to wear it

You could even wear one on each hand, which I did the other night when I ran!  Another thing that I've been doing with mine is covering my Garmin with it.  It helps me not stress about my pace, especially in this heat!

hot runningluv

There are so many color combinations available, but here's one of the coolest things about runningluv:  Danielle HAND MAKES each one.  That means she hand dyes the fabrics and stitches them together herself.  They aren't mass produced in a factory and they are proudly made in the USA!  

At $12 each, I think you can NOT afford to not "catch what runs"!  You can also get a 3 pack for $29.95 which is a great bargain, especially if you run often and do laundry less often (ahem me).

Now, for the best part.  I get to giveaway THREE runningluvs!  That means 3 of you have a chance to change your run and wipe up all your sweat!  The giveaway is open to US residents only and will run until Tuesday July 8th 12:00 am.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with 1 runningluv in exchange for a review.  Although I am now friends with the owners, I have provided an honest review, and have since bought 3 more runningluvs with my own money.  All opinion as always, are my own!

And on Wednesdays, we eat salads {6}

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