I'm feeling greedy

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One of my goals for this year was to PR in the 5k.  I did that in April at the Bunny Run with a time of 26:28.  That ended up being a huge PR and I was so happy with my time. My goal was completed and I felt at peace with the 5k.  

That is until Sunday when I ran another 5k (recap to come soon).  I initially had no expectations because I haven't done any speed work in a couple months.  It was incredibly humid and I just didn't think I had anything great in me.  But when I got to the start line, something clicked.  I decided to go for it and finished in 26:58, my second fastest 5k time.  

I'm pretty sure what had happened was, I inspired MYSELF.  Maybe that's a little weird to say, but it's the truth.  I had spent Saturday updating my Races and PRs page, and I couldn't help but notice how far I've come.  From a 40 minute 5k to 26:xx.  I've put in work and it's paid off.  


When I finished the 5k on Sunday and saw my time, I was shocked. I realized that I constantly underestimate myself.  Why should I settle for the good, when I can go for the great?  I'm not saying I'm something fabulous, but what would happen if I put in the work to beat my current PR?  

Basically, I'm feeling greedy.  I want a new PR.  I'd love to see a 25:xx.  I know I have to work for it, but I have to believe in myself.  If I can come as far as I've come, why can't I go even further?  I want to feel that I'm-about-to-puke-because-I'm-running-so-fast feeling.  I want to tell my legs to keep going and tell my brain to shut up. I want to feel my heart pounding and my lungs burning. I want to cross the finish line saying I'm never going to race a 5k again, and then sign up for another one the next day.

That new PR might not happen this year, but I'm committing to being true to myself. I think I'm going to start adding in speed work one day a week.  I've got to listen to my heart and see where these legs can take me!

head up wings out