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St. Jude Marathon Training Weeks 1 and 2

Dwight is legit

They say third time's the charm. Not sure who "they" are, but I've got to believe "they" are right, because here goes another round of marathon training. I'm hopeful that this time won't end in a cancelled marathon or a DNF, and I'm doing my best to make sure this body is ready. I'm not following the traditional Hal Higdon plans that I've relied on in the past. I'm piggybacking off of Debi's plan, written by her coach. It includes hill work and speed work, and runs are planned according to time, not mileage. 

While I want to follow the plan to an obsessive T, I'm being fair to myself and recognizing that I'm a full time working Mommy. Some weeks will fall short and some weeks will be demolished. But I promised myself that I will give this my absolute all!


Marathon training week 1

Monday:  4 easy miles coaching my Women Run/Walk Memphis group.  It was so fun seeing how excited the women were to have run 4 miles!

Tuesday:  About 4.5 miles of hill work with Jana. We worked on running fast up hill and easy down hill. I struggled through this workout big time thanks to a still congested chest.  It was so nice to run with Jana though!

Wednesday:   2 easy miles for streaking purposes

Thursday:  2 easy miles for streaking purposes

Friday:  1 mile run around the parking lot at a Phish show in Orange Beach, Alabama.  In flip flops and non-running clothes.  When you're streaking, these things happen.  But I kept the streak alive!

Saturday:  3.5 rolling hill miles on tired legs and sore feet thanks to running in flip flops! (always wear Mizunos)

Sunday:  8 mile long run split up between the treadmill and outside.  This was a real mental test for me because I don't normally run much more than 3 miles on the treadmill.  But I was so happy to have done this run.  It took some self convincing to get it done!


marathon training week 2


monday:  3 easy miles coaching the WRWM group.  I had a lady struggling early so I stayed back with her to talk her through it.  She ended up pulling it together and finishing so strong!  I felt so inspired by her mental toughness.

Tuesday:  5 negative split miles.  These miles felt so strong and good.  I did not intend to run these that tough, but my legs had other ideas!

Wednesday:  Speed work:  15 x 1:00 minute speed intervals with 1:00 minute jog/recovery between each interval.  This one really kicked my ass.  I think I ran some of the intervals too fast which made it hard to recover.  Lesson learned:  I am not Lauren Fleshman.

Thursday:  2 miles for streaking purposes

Friday:  5 negative split miles on my rolling hill country roads.  I haven't done this complete loop in a while and it was so peaceful.  It was a run that cleared my head and made me really appreciate my ability to run.

Saturday: 9 majorly shitty miles in 90 degree heat and some humidity at an even more ridiculous number. I wanted to quit this run and call off training. It was that awful. But I stuck with it and finished and learned my lesson that 2 pm is a horrific time to attempt a long run. I did get to spend a couple miles on a trail that made me feel a little better about life at that moment.

Sunday:  5 run/walk miles with Debi for the RRS 5 miler. Neither of us were feeling this after our long run. It was once again miserably hot and humid and sucked the life out of us.  The worst part about it was I didn't feel guilty at all for how horrible this race went.  It was just too disgusting of a morning.


And that wraps up the first 2 weeks of training!  I'll be posting these training logs every Tuesday from now on so if there are any training questions you have, feel free to ask away!  Good luck with any weekend running and races you might have!

Are you training for a race?

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