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Weekend Update with MommiesRun.

Does anyone else feel like the weekends go by way faster than any other 2 days of the week? Is that a cruel joke or what?! And did you know that you're only supposed to put one space after a period now? My mind was blown today. I bet Tara at Running n Reading, our weekend update host, already knew that. 

Oh look, I digress again.  


While the girls were at school, I got some laundry and other stuff done around the house. I enjoyed my laziness and went on a Breaking Bad binge. I just want to smack Jessie Pinkman and make him quit the meth. I mean get your life as a meth cook together dude! I also found this cool shirt and really considered buying it for Allison: 


I managed to win the award for biggest sack of shit running partner as I set my alarm incorrectly and didn't wake up for my long run with Debi. I'm surprised she hadn't broken up with me yet.  

However, it did give me a chance to hang with my babes and blow bubbles and make itty bitty ponytails. 


I also made the decision that when you are about 212 days late on getting your highlights redone, wearing a hat is the only way to go. 


And this taco salad blew my mind for dinner. Unfortunately, we weren't friends later that night when I ran. Or the next day for that matter.  Yes, I know guacamole is extra.  Unless it is $12 extra, I still want it!



I actually woke up on time to be at Jana and Scott's house at 5:45 am!  It was a Sunday miracle. We carpooled again for our 5 mile race which was supa hot, just like Scott's face:


We followed it up with donuts again and while I have no pictures, I promise you I would run 57 miles for them if I had to. I came home and attempted to run another 6 miles but when I got to 3, I threw in the runningluv. (see what I did there?) It was too hot with the heat index hovering around 100. And although it really bugs me that I didn't finish my "long run", I know my training will be okay.


I took these goofs for frozen yogurt and we discussed really important things like how to make the weirdest faces ever. 


I spent the rest of the day putting away approximately 14.7 loads of laundry. I also convinced myself that with the wardrobe changes my kids undergo per day, I will never for the rest of my life get the laundry caught up. 

And this thought put me in a bad mood. Or maybe it was the headache or exhaustion. Regardless, bedtime couldn't come soon enough for this Mommy!  

Now I want to hear about your weekend!  Plus make sure and check out Tara's link up for other fun blogs!

Have a great week y'all! 

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