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Friday Five: 5 Race Memories

Oh my poor little slice of internetz.  You have been neglected and I feel terrible about that. There's so much to talk about and yet I don't know where to start.  So how about a fun link up with my Oiselle sisterfriend, Courtney @ Eat Pray Run, DC?!  Fun fact, Courtney was my winner of my Pro Compression Giveaway last year!  Oh the memories.  Speaking of memories, let's get into the link up!

Five Race Memories

I've raced a lot in the past couple years and all the races have been super memorable for me so it's hard to pick out just five.  But nonetheless, I've decided to share some of my favorite memories, whether it was a good memory or a bad one.  

1.  Avenue Of Hope 5k (July 2011)

I wasn't a super serious runner at the time of this race.  In fact, I was a Couch to 5k dropout at this point in my running history.  But I had just run my first 5k, and the racing bug had bit me.  My super speedy friend, Allison, and I decided to randomly run this 5k after a night of drinking and general debauchery.  We slept approximately 63 minutes the night before, and Allison woke up by saying a random drug name (lisinopril) half drunkenly.  Oh yes friends, we were a sight to behold.  It was hot and I ran while fighting the urge to puke or poop my pants.  I did neither so that was a win.  Speaking of wins, Allison won her age group in this race and I actually came in 6th, surprising considering our conditions!

Hello double chin and pinned back bangs!

Hello double chin and pinned back bangs!

2.  St. Jude Half Marathon (December 2012)

Besides this being my first half marathon, this was the first race that I had to power through some bad stuff.  I had trained well for this race and the cold weather had treated me well, seeing huge improvements in my pace and endurance.  Unfortunately, when race day rolled around, we had temperatures in the 70's with high humidity.  My body was not ready for that, and around mile 6 I crashed and burned bad.  While my insides littered the side of the road, I did not give up and I slowly made it to the finish line.  I am still able to look back fondly on this race, because I overcame the pukes and became a half marathoner!


3.  Bunny Run 5k (April 2014)

Debi, Jana, Liz, and I ran this race kind of last minute, yet it stands as my 5k PR.  While it's obvious that a PR will always be a great memory for a runner, for me it was so much more.  I realized the amazing bond I shared with these women and I understood what it meant to be a friend.  They pushed me to my goal, and beyond, and they cheered loudly for me when I placed 3rd in my age group.  This race also gave me the confidence to embrace my will to succeed, the desire to be the best runner I can be.

Debi, Me, and Jana, fighting for it!

Debi, Me, and Jana, fighting for it!

4.  Navy 10 Nautical Mile (June 2014)

I still need to recap this race, especially since it's been 2 months since I ran it!  While it wasn't a record breaking race pace wise, it was a race that I enjoyed from start to finish.  There was no fear, no sickness, no hurting.  I ran happy the whole entire 11.whatever miles.  I ran with friends, we smiled, we laughed.  I made new friends, I met blog readers, and I was reminded why running is so much more than just running.  This will always serve as a point of reference for how much fun racing can be!

Danielle, Debi, and Me in our post race glory!

Danielle, Debi, and Me in our post race glory!

5. Rock N Roll NOLA (February 2014)

Yeah, I had to include it.  If you have been reading MommiesRun you might be familiar with this race, my should-have-been-first-marathon.  Go ahead and check out that link.  I'll wait.  So much surrounds this memory, and while it's not all pleasant, there are some great things that came out of it.  Once again, I was reminded the power of friendship, on so many levels.  My friends were there for me when I was at my lowest, and I'll forever be thankful for them.  This racing failure also gave me insight about things I need to do to achieve my marathon success, particularly hydration needs.  I can't wait to replace my sad marathon memory with a happy one in December!

beaten down runner surrounded by friends

Thank you so much to Courtney for such a fun link up!  Hopefully I can get back on track with blogging and make this a regular thing!  Don't forget to head on over to her page and check out the other bloggers who linked up!

What's your happiest race memory?

And your saddest race memory?



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