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Totally Behind Tuesday.

When you are so behind on blogging that you don't even know where to start, you come up with cute blog titles like Totally Behind Tuesday.  Or is that just me? (Don't answer that).

I did such a good job detailing my first 2 weeks of marathon training here, but unfortunately I'm now in the middle of week 8.  If you are doing the math, that means I have yet to document weeks 3-7.  I'm pretty sure if I asked for a showing of hands of who wants me to go back and recap those weeks, there would only be one person to raise their hand, and that would be Debi because that's just how she is. Oh and maybe this girl, because she's a sweetheart like that too.

So in order to remember what went down in those 5 weeks, I'm going to just recap a few key runs. And then maybe you won't hate me for boring you to tears. Or you could just skip this post and re-read this one.  The choice is yours.

Week 3:

Tuesday:  Hill work that I really pushed myself on.  The directions from Debi's coach were confusing yet I'm sure that I rocked out on that hill.  I was also approached to purchase Advocare from my "concerned" neighbor. 

Friday:  10 mile long run with Debi that was a good confidence boost after a piss poor solo long run from the week before.  It was nice to take it easy and just run.  



Week 4:

Wednesday:  Fartlek work with Debi and Jana on the trails.  It was hot and we were working so hard out there.  We stuck to the trail because it was shady and this was seriously one of the hottest days of the summer.  Somehow we survived, despite the trail's best effort to take one of us down ;-)


Week 5:

Friday:  The week was busy so I ended up doing my mid-week longish run of 8 miles the morning before Josh and I headed to Knoxville.  I ended up running negative splits for these miles and I felt so much confidence in myself because of it!

Saturday:  The plan called for 12 miles and I was so excited to be able to do this run in Knoxville.  The greenways were beautiful and I almost wished I had a longer run to do to explore more of them!  I loved that I ended up running onto campus and it brought back so many college memories!


Week 6:

Sunday:  After a really limited week in mileage, I was so excited to race a 10k.  My goal was simply to PR which I knew was likely since my previous PR wasn't that great.  What I didn't expect was that I'd PR by over 6 minutes!  That race was definitely the highlight of a horrific training week.  It helped me recharge for the next week.


Week 7:

Friday:  14 miles with Danielle and Debi.  I felt incredibly strong on this run, and when we finished, I truly felt like my legs could have handled more.  This was one of the first cooler long runs and I could tell that all the months of hot and humid runs paid off.

Saturday:  Once again I ended up with back to back longer runs.  My mid-week long run of 9 miles ended up being run after the 14 miler and I surprisingly felt good.  I ran 5 of the 9 miles at 10k pace.  


And with that, I am less behind than I was before.  Still behind, because let's face it, I'll never be caught up with blogging, or laundry, or life for that matter.  Before you switch to another blog, I wanted to make sure and thank all of my recent donors to my St. Jude Hero Page:

Steff, Tara, Sarah, Dani, and Daniela:  You all rock my compression socks off.

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