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Weekend Update


Missed me, bro?  Or Nah?  You just have to love my consistency.  I figured what better way to check in than by joining my friend, Tara at Running 'N' Reading, in her Weekend Update Link-Up!    She's a much better writer than me, so make sure and check her out if you aren't following her already.

My weekend started off in the best way possible:  A long run with Debi on Friday morning.  As usual, my hot mess self couldn't just go out and run 16 miles.  First, I needed Debi to apply some KT Tape to my sore back in the Chick Fil-A bathroom.  I'm pretty sure that was the first time the words "Drop your shorts" have been uttered there.  Then, my CamelBak sprung a leak and I ended up with more Nuun on me then in me.  Nonetheless, it was a pretty perfect long run.  No puke for me, and we were able to finish strong with our last 5 miles at or below marathon pace.  


Later that night, the girls and I went to a dinner at our synagogue with my parents and our family friends.  I ate the most delicious salad: It had pomegranate seeds on it, which reminded me that I had bought a pomegranate the other day.  Ok, I really ate 2 salads since I ate Lexi's also.  What?  At least I didn't eat 2 desserts.

The girls spent the night at my parents house which allowed me to sleep late on Saturday morning.  It was ah-may-zing.  Josh and I got some stuff done around the house and I got cozy in the laundry room since the laundry fairies still haven't come.  I really don't mind doing laundry.  It's just putting it away that I'm not good at.  I put away a shitload of clothes though so I nailed that part of it.  

The weather here this weekend was gorgeous so I got out for a quick 3 mile run.  I was so excited to bust out my new Oiselle Gwen tank.  I ran without music to allow time for my mind to wander which is always so refreshing.  I didn't put up any amazing paces, but it felt good.

On Sunday I got to work in the kitchen by doing a few loads of dishes, and I continued on my laundry journey, which I'm pretty sure is never ending.  I also finally dealt with that pomegranate.  I've been meaning to try shredding chicken in my mixer like I've seen on Pinterest, so I cooked up some chicken in the crock pot.  I used frozen chicken tenders, some chicken broth, garlic powder, salt, lemon pepper, and thyme and cooked it on high.  I have no idea how long I cooked it for, but I turned it off when I noticed it was bubbling out of the lid (classic Cecilia move right there).  I put the chicken in the bowl of my mixer and then turned it on a low setting for about a minute.  And then I had a bowl full of shredded chicken!  Holy Hamburgers, Pinterest win!  I'll use this chicken for some meals this week since I'm totally getting my shit together this week.

I headed out for a run at around 4:30, and decided on 5 miles since it would get me to 30 miles for this week.  The sun started to set about 3 miles in and the sky was all sorts of beautiful.  I really can't get enough of the running these days.  I'm kind of on a permanent runner's high, and I'm not mad about it.

I'm closing out my weekend with a special tip for y'all.  Brownies are awesome, yes?  Take your brownies to a whole other level by spreading THIS on top of them.

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