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Weekend Update .:3:.

Since I had so much fun linking up with my friend, Tara at Running 'N' Reading last week, I figured I'd give it another go!  There are a lot of new-to-me blogs that link up with Tara so I highly suggest you check it out too!  Plus, if you're nosy like me, you'll find it interesting to see what other people do on the weekends.

I felt pretty good about my level of "getting my shit together" on Friday, what with my laundry being pretty caught up and my dishes done, so I decided to take one hell of a nap after I got the kids to school.  I felt even better about this decision after I saw this on Instagram:

Courtesy of  H  alfCrazyMama

Courtesy of HalfCrazyMama

After I pursued my dreams for about 3 hours, I decided to get an easy run in before the girls got out of school.  I ended up running 3 miles and finishing Serial, which if you've been following me on Insta or FB, you know I've been obsessed with.  Please listen to it so we can have a massive group discussion.  I just have so many questions!  


Saturday morning I met Debi for our 18 miler, which I was super pumped for.  Unfortunately, my legs weren't quite on board with my brain, since they felt like bricks.  I'm not sure what the deal was, but I was happy that my brain didn't give out, since that tends to be a problem for me.  My legs held on too, but it was just a struggle, which is always good when training.  Debi had some spasms in her ass which is something she's dealt with in the past, so luckily she knows how to deal with.  Overall, I was proud of us for making it through this run!

On Sunday, I continued getting my shit together by doing laundry and working on sight words with Lexi and Lyla.  I even went ahead and made flash cards for their last 9 weeks so that they can get ahead (ahem Mom of The Year).  

I had really wanted to run 6 miles to get my weekly total up to 40 miles, but my girls had other ideas.  This included smoothies and hard boiled eggs.  It was like they couldn't stop eating.  All freaking day.  So I made the hard boiled eggs, but then they decided they wanted "doubled eggs", which is deviled eggs in Lexi and Lyla language.  Six eggs later, they were finally satisfied, and my time for running was vanishing.

We were going to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate my father's birthday so I quickly got ready and we headed out, late of course.  But that didn't stop us from having a sing-a-long in the car on the way.  I'm sorry, but this movie and this song will never get old to me.  Enjoy the musical stylings of the Jones girls.

After the world's worst service at Chili's, we headed back to my parents house for dessert and a surprise birthday party for Zayde!  The girls had a lot of fun wearing birthday hats and they even got goodie bags for attending the party.  

I really despise Sunday nights, so I was in a crappy mood by the time we got home.  I still needed to run and finish up some stuff around the house, and I was really letting it all get to me.  So I decided to get in a quick mile on the treadmill to end my week at 35 miles, and then I celebrated a pretty good week of having my shit partially together by drinking a small red solo cup of wine, because I'm classy and shit.

And that's how I spent my weekend.  Thank you to Tara, for hosting a great link up!  Make sure and stop by her page!  

Did you race this weekend?

What was your favorite meal this weekend?

Weekend Update .:4:.

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