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Socially Saturday 5

You know what the best part about doing these Socially Saturday posts is? It gives me a reason to look at the Internet constantly. I mean, I basically have a second job, just to be able to provide important links for your viewing pleasure. It's a tough job, but you are worth it. There's nobody I'd rather waste time for! So let's take a look at the hilarious, sometimes touching, links I found this week!


Sequin Salad, for the win.

In case you are due for a good cry.

Compassion, get some.

Nail hit on head.

Because I know her, and I know how gorgeous she is in real life.

What did they think would happen?

Thank you Memphis.

Why I'll never be a vegetarian.


Me when I'm 90.

I hope you enjoyed this week's links!

Send me anything funny you find this week!

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