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Socially Saturday 6

Hey y'all! Happy Saturday! Fall finally came out to play here in Memphis, and I'm totally rocking a hoodie today to celebrate. I basically became a "basic white girl" over night. Luckily I'm not a PSL fan so don't worry too much about me. I've been spending my day doing laundry, watching football, and adding books to my library list. It's a real party around here! 

You know the drill...I spend too much time on social media and the internetz to bring you some of my favorite links of the week. Luckily, one of my pharmacy students love this stuff as much as I do, and she has supplied a few of the links today! Everybody thank my little Megsican for the laughs! Now let's do this thang.

I love a good cause.

Mind officially blown.

Ehrmagerd sher's tertally nermal.

Levine Love Part 2.

The slow-mo kills it.

And I thought I was the blonde one.

Already bought the ingredients.

Am I a cat?

Please let it be me.

I agree with every one of these.

And that's it!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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