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Training Week 4 + An Update on My Running Protege

If you read my Sunday GYST from, well, Sunday, you know I didn't have the best week in training last week. To be fair, it was my long week at work (worked 50+ hours) and my job is no cake walk. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, being a retail pharmacist is not only mentally exhausting, it's physically exhausting. I know, cry me a river, but I'm not using it as an excuse. I could have put the work in, and I should have gotten it done. Let's not dwell in the past though because big things are happening...I mean I actually did strength training last night!


As usual, my plan had me doing 3 miles plus strength today, but it's become evident that that is kind of hard to do after my Monday shift at work. Plus, after my 10 miler on Sunday, I felt okay with the fact that I'd just do a one treadmill mile at 10:00 pace.


I had 8 x 400's on the agenda for the day and I was actually pretty excited for the workout. I started with 1 mile warm up at 10:34 pace, then I started my intervals with 200 meter recovery in between. My goal was to run them at 8:30/mile or lower pace, with my last one being my fastest. Here's how I fared: 7:53, 8:01, 8:05, 8:12, 7:59, 8:06, 8:00, 7:53. Yeah, I was pumped. I finished with one cool down mile and ended up with a total of 4.98 miles at 9:36 pace.


A 12 hour shift at work had me struggling to even run a mile, but that's what I did. One treadmill mile at 10:00 pace.


Basically ditto Wednesday's workout. Another 12 hour shift, another single treadmill mile at 10:00 pace.


I have no excuse, but I could never convince myself to get going today. I was tired and already thinking about the fact that I had to work the weekend, so I lounged around all day. This eventually lead to me once again running one treadmill mile at 10:00 pace. Pathetic.


I set my alarm to try and get my tempo run done in the morning before work, but if you remember, I'm Cecilia, and I snooze through alarms. So I made it to work for a 10 hour shift, and then let the Vols victory be my excuse for why one mile on the treadmill was totally acceptable.


Another work day, and I almost convinced myself that I could skip my 7 mile long run since I ran long the weekend before when it was supposed to be a cutback week. However, my little running protege, Mallory, inspired me to get it done, and so I headed outside at 10:30 pm to run my 7 miles at 9:36 pace, which is the fastest I've ever run 7 miles, I'm pretty sure. Plus, my last 2 miles were my fastest miles so booya! 

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An Update On My Running Protege

I've been talking a lot about my training, but I thought it would be fun to update y'all on how my little running buddy, Mallory, is doing with training! If you remember, I talked about how I'd be running the St. Jude Half Marathon with my techs/friends, Mallory and Allison as their first half marathon. Allison is still recovering from a torn ACL, so she's been having to hit the bike for a lot of training. It's not ideal, but she's a former collegiate soccer and tennis player so she'll be fine. Now Mallory has been killing it.

I took her to Breakaway Running to get some REAL running shoes a few weeks ago. She had been running in some piece of crap shoes and it was time for an upgrade. I might have *gently* asked the professional to bring some Mizunos amongst other brands, and I'm happy to report she ended up with the Mizuno Wave Enigmas! She felt comfortable in them, and they actually fit her the best. I might have been ridiculously excited, although I made sure to remain neutral :)

I *might* have also bought her a pair of Oiselle Distance Shorts when they were on sale recently. She's been nailing her runs, and running at an amazing pace for a beginner. But what excites me the most is that she is loving it. She enjoys the running and she has felt that runner's high. I've never been more excited to receive this text after her 7 miles on Sunday:

Clearly her use of the word "fuck" is why we are so close, among other things. But can you FEEL it? Can you sense how inspiring she is??? She's doing it. She's loving the run and we even have plans for after the race:

I'm so freaking proud of her and how well she is doing with this training. I can not wait to toe the line with her in December and then cross the finish line with her. My little running protege rules. She's the Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins. And vice versa.

What is your favorite running workout?

Have you ever helped someone start running?



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