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Confessions From A Mommy's Solo Target Trip

Like most Mommies, I cherish time with my children, especially as a full time working Mommy. Their giggles and smiles are the moments I live for. I love their sweet morning cuddles, and our bedtime kiss, hug, eskimo kiss, "eyelash kiss" ritual. They emulate so many of my actions and I'm keenly aware of every move I make, and I not-so secretly love it. But let's be real...the moments I REALLY yearn for, are the moments spent on a SOLO TARGET TRIP. Mommies, throw your hands in the air, and let go of that guilt, because this is OUR time.

The Kids Always Come First

As much as I want this solo trip to be all about me, I'm here on a mission, and that mission is to get my kids the new Yoshi WiiU game. And of course "we" need the matching Amiibos just because. I might tell the electronics dude that this stuff is for my kids, but I'm sure he's silently judging me. He might be right, but it's all in the name of family game night, so there, judgey electronics dude.

Twenty-Three Minutes of Quiet Book Time

After my mission is complete, I head over to the book aisle. Spending time checking out all of the "best sellers" and reading their descriptions is the best way to make a library list. I find it easiest to just take a picture of the whole shelf so that when I'm home I can pull up the library website to see if they have any of the books I want to read. It somehow feels wrong, yet so right. Like I deserve a pat on the back for being so genius. And you might even call this a #lifehack.

I Gotz Jokez

I also happen upon Self Help: Miranda Sings and I have to flip through it for a few minutes. Sure, I might be wasting more time since I'm not going to buy it, but I find a page so hilarious that I have to take a picture of it to send to my Miranda Sings buddy, Andy. Is it breaking a law to do this? I'm not sure, but Note To Self: Andy wants this book and I want to borrow it.

Another #Lifehack

A couple weeks ago on a similar solo Target trip, I stumbled upon the boys department. Having girls, I don't normally enter that zone of super heroes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but my eyes caught something that became one of my greatest #Lifehacks: XL button down shirts. I love a good button down to look casually chic (or something like that). Naturally after my discovery the other day, I had to check to see if there were any new must-have styles.

You're Not Fooling Anyone

Oh Coke Life. I'm not falling for your "healthier" attitude. Sure you've got less calories and you have Stevia, but you're still full of sugar and all those other scary chemicals. I AM however falling for your delicious taste, so in the cart you go.

Everyone's Getting A Pumpkin!

Seriously, Target. Could you have any more pumpkin flavored items? I found pumpkin flavored cereals, coffees, teas, ice creams, cookies, donuts, tampons, and bagels (I really made a list!). And out of all this pumpkin hype, you failed to stock the pumpkin Chobani! Thanks goodness for Target brand, because Mama needs her pumpkin yogurt.


Sale Shmale

WHAT A BARGAIN!!!!! I can't even think of anything funny to say because the picture tells the story. WOW THAT'S A LOW PRICE!

So in the end, I made it out without buying anything random like a waffle maker or a shirt with arrows on it. Nope, I bought those the next day when I had to go back for all the items I forgot to buy on the first trip. 

What's the least you've ever spent in one Target trip?

What section do you visit first when you go to Target?


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