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The Sunday GYST XVI

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:





Welcome to MommiesRun 2.0 or something like that. While I haven't been posting much lately, I have been working behind the scenes to make my little piece of the internetz a more lovely place. Thanks to Abby's Blog to Brand Course, I'm thinking I'm going to ditch Squarespace and head to Wordpress. Ugh. One more thing to add to my never ending to-do list. Speaking of...


As far as laundry goes, I had a pretty eventful weekend. I'm hoping that will make this week a lot easier for me! I also gave all 3 of our dogs a bath. That really has nothing to do with anything, but I'm proud of myself so I felt the need to mention it. Somebody can give me a prize now. My main goal for the week will be to dust. It's ridiculous how much dust is created in this house thanks to 3 shedding dogs. Oh, and to get all of my old clothes out of this house one way or another. I have so much crap in my closet that I never wear and it's time to purge. (Hello more Oiselle). I also managed to purge the L's closet a bit this weekend. I found some clothes that were size 4T. Um, they're about to turn 7, so...

Meal Plan:

I'm keeping it simple this week as I'm trying to get back into the whole menu planning thing. I hate wasting a day off on Tuesday by eating out instead of cooking, but with gymnastics and homework, it's just easier to grab some burgers from a great local restaurant. The crock pot potato soup recipe is so easy and delicious, and you can find it here if you are interested. I'm not claiming it's healthy, by the way.

Work Out:


The past couple of weeks of running have been kind of sad. I've been trying to take it easy due to my crappy knee, which is improving ever so slightly. My plan for this week is to hit it hard and Ice, Ice, Baby. Don't tell me how not smart this is, because I already know. The problem is, I feel like all of the improvements I've made are slowly slipping away. So it's kind of like that saying, "Screw up now, and ask for forgiveness later.". That is how it goes, right? 

And that's what I have planned for this week! I'm hoping to accomplish at least 37% of it. Make sure you come back next week to see how well I did!

What is your favorite non-healthy food?

Do you have a favorite chore?

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