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Ragnar Rules

If are like me and grew up in the 90's, you probably remember a little show that was on MTV called Road Rules. It involved a van full of beautiful people as they traveled all over, performing awesomely fun challenges. Well, forget Road Rules, these are RAGNAR RULES:


Welcome to the Ride of your life..... 


Every Ragnar van needs some sort of bling. This year, we saw everything from pill bottles to skeletons. But I'm pretty sure our panty sashes were the talk of the state. Especially when they got sabotaged by another team. Let's just say red paint and tampons were involved. It wasn't pretty but it's all in the name of Ragnar fun. 

Your destination...Nashville, Tennessee


My team, Wombat Attack, made it to Nashville from Chattanooga faster than we did last year! The twelve of each ran our three legs without major hiccups, except for the time we missed the handoff between Scott and Debi. Oops. For Van 1, our runners rocked through uphills, downhills, stairs, side of the road poops, and more. And we did most of it with smiles on our faces. 

Your money...Gone


Yeah, Ragnar isn't cheap. From the initial registration fee to the vans and food, you need a small loan. And then you hit that first major exchange with ALL THE RAGNAR GEAR and your wallet explodes even more. Especially when trucker hats are involved. Is it worth it? Oh heck yes.  

Your mission...Survive. 


It's kill or be killed when it comes to Ragnar and I'm happy to report Team Wombat Attack got our fair share of kills. Sure, it's not everything, but if your competitive drive doesn't kick in when you see a kill within your reach then we need to have a talk.  

and then you'll be rewarded...handsomely


The finisher's medals this year were amazing as the back of them together said, "Together we ran 200ish miles". Because that's what Ragnar is all about, working as a team to get each runner where they need to be. Each of us is pushed out of our comfort zone in some way, but we come together to get that handsome reward at the finish line.  

Throw out your rules...these are Ragnar rules! 


The number one rule of Ragnar that we coined last year was "Do Not Die" and I'm happy to report we followed that rule. We also laughed a lot, slept a little, and stunk a bit. We hugged and ate and cowbelled and cheered.  We made memories to last a lifetime and we did it together. Because of all the Ragnar Rules, the most important one, is to Have Fun. 

Thank you to my teammates and to our other Run 365 teams: The Atomic Llamas, Zombie Deer, and Honey Badgers. All of your smiling faces is the reason Ragnar is an experience of a lifetime!



The Sunday GYST XVI