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Back in 2012 the idea of Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, was created to act as an international day of giving before the holiday season. While I love this idea, it occurred to me that we should be giving back EVERYDAY.  So I present to you,  #GivingEveryday: a movement to celebrate those on a constant quest to raise money and give back. Every Thursday I will be highlighting runners who are not only training for a race, but fundraising as well. 

As you may remember, I've run as a St. Jude Hero for the past 4 years and I will continue to do so until I can't run any more (or childhood cancer doesn't exist!). Fundraising while training is never easy, and I have so much respect for anyone that can do it, myself included! My hope in starting this series is to help other fundraising runners, and to spread the love around. I've had so many people donate to ME over the past 4 years, it's time to help others!

This week's #GivingEveryday runner is Jennifer Graeter, a fellow Oiselle Volée team member, and a fellow Tennessean. As you'll soon read, we have something else in common... 


What is your chosen charity?

St. Jude. My husband's mom used to work at St. Jude and if we ever move to Memphis, working at St. Jude would be a dream!

Why did you choose your charity?

I love everything St. Jude stands for. No patient ever pays a single penny to St. Jude. I couldn't imagine the huge financial relief for the families.

What race are you running for St. Jude?

Rock n Roll St. Jude Nashville 1/2 Marathon

What is your fundraising goal?


First mile of the Chicago Marathon

First mile of the Chicago Marathon

What are your race goals?

1:50, my current PR is 1:53. Plan B is to just run the best I can with the circumstances I'm in.

What is your fundraising link?


Anything else to add?

I encourage everyone to enter a race at least once as a charity runner. It gives you a whole different perspective on running a race.

After the Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon 2015

After the Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon 2015

How can we follow your journey? 


A big thank you to Jennifer for being my first #GivingEveryday runner! I have some more great stories lined up, and if you are a fundraising runner and would like to be featured, please email me: 


If you are able, please consider a donation, any size to help Jennifer's cause! She has $400 more to go to reach her goal, and I know MommiesRun readers can help her get there! Thank you!

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