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Nailed It or Failed It 2015

Last year I judged my goal performance in a form of pass/fail, known as Nailed It or Failed It. I suppose I did alright in the goal area for 2014, but I'm super curious to see how I did with goals for 2015. Especially since I can barely remember the goals that I set. This should be interesting and definitely good for a laugh!

Nailed It Or Failed It

So here's a brief disclaimer if you're taking a look back at your own goals...Nailed them or failed them, having the courage enough to set goals in the first place is commendable. I'd encourage you to take the time and be honest with yourself. Were you too easy, or were you too hard on yourself? Could you have worked harder, or were your goals unrealistic? Or did you simply blow it out of the park this year? Anyway you look at it, be proud of what you were able to accomplish this year, and give it your all next year.

Now let's take a look at the goals I attempted to achieve in 2015:

1. Run a Sub-26:00 5k:  FAILED IT

5k season was a rough one for me this year, and I honestly came no where close to this goal. I was basically lucky to run a sub-30 5k! I let the heat really get to me at most of the 5k's I ran. But I did manage to look decent while running them, which is always important.

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2015 MRTC RRS 2nd 5K &emdash;

2. Run a Sub-60:00 10k: NAILED IT!

Oh look I accomplished something! This one was a big deal for me at the time, because my running had been so shitty and I had seriously doubted every move I made. But then 2 weeks earlier I had randomly come really close to the sub-hour mark without any training, and so I knew I had to give it my all in the next 10k of our local race series. And give it my all I did, as I ran a 58:23 for a shiny new 10k PR!

3. PR the Half: NAILED IT

This is kind of a bittersweet one for me, because while I did PR the half at St. Jude recently, it wasn't any where near the PR I had hoped for. I really thought I would be taking about 10-12 minutes off my previous PR from 2013 of 2:24:40, but in reality, I only took 2 minutes off of it. I know I know, a PR is a PR, but you know how runners are. 

4. PR the Marathon: FAILED IT

Oh hell no. Me and the marathon broke up after what happened at Little Rock Marathon in March. I just can't. I will tackle the marathon again, I'm sure of it, but right now I'm happy with a huge distance between me and 26.2. 

5. Streak On: NAILED IT

Heck yes, I'm almost TWO YEARS strong into this little run streak of mine. I won't say every day has been easy or that I haven't thought about quitting approximately 1900 times this year, but I kept on streaking. Knock on wood because the year isn't quite over, but I was pretty healthy in 2015 and I didn't have to streak through illness like I did in 2014. I have had a recurring knee issue that limited mileage some weeks, but I kept on. Stupid or not, I'm a run streaker and it's what I do.

6. Operation Muscles 2015: FAILED IT

This one is hilarious because I came no where near accomplishing this goal. In fact, I've put on a few extra ell-bees here recently that are definitely not muscle. What can I say? I just haven't found something that makes me feel the way running does. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, I did discover Jasyoga this year which has been a healthy addition to my running, and I did recently receive a BOSU Trainer which I am super excited about. So maybe Operation Muscles 2016 will make an appearance in my goals for next year.

7. Get my shit together: FAILED IT

I guess it's not totally fair to call this one a Fail, but I still am not where I'd like to be. I still can't wake up early, I still let laundry pile up, I forget birthdays, and I live day to day. But I have made advances and I am proud of that. Maybe I'll do even better in 2016. Or maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and be a unicorn. Who knows.  

So that's it. Less than 50% achieved for 2015. I'm basically the poster child for the world's okayest runner and the world's okayest human. But that's okay because that means I have plenty of room for improvement! Right?

How did you do on your 2015 goals?

Have you decided on your 2016 goals? 




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