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Five Reasons I Love Running

Today I'll be linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?, and Mar from Mar On The Run for their Friday Five Link up!  Every Friday, these lovely ladies host a huge link-up with a different theme.  It's a perfect link-up for a lazy blogger like me.

This week's theme is "All about love" because Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  I'm in the camp of women that doesn't really care about V-Day.  It's a Hallmark holiday, blah blah blah.  We should be spreading the love year round, blah blah blah.  Don't spend money on flowers because they die, blah blah blah.  Buy me new running clothes instead...um yes please.  Which leads me to my Friday Five:  Five Reasons I Love Running.

1.  The Butt.  

Ever since I started running a few years ago, I have noticed a significant change in my butt size and shape.  It is no longer flat and wide.  My ass is now rounder and firmer.  Sure, there is still cellulite, but there's no doubting that running has given me a juicy double.

2.  The Clothes.

If you're new to MommiesRun, you might not be aware of my obsession with running clothes, namely Oiselle. The colors!  The styles!  It's like a party for my senses when I check out the newest stuff.  And let's not forget the fit.  These clothes are for every runner, not just the elite runner (ahem, MommyHips).

3.  The Family.

Running has given me a whole new group of friends that I can call my Running Family.  I have so many peeps in my life that have been with me for triumphs and failures, and for some reason they still like me.  It might be one of those unconditional family type loves.  

4.  The Confidence.

When I started running, I was not happy with my body and the shape I was in.  I was by no means overweight, but I was also not healthy.  I just needed something to make me believe in myself, despite having a supportive family that believed in me.  Running has given me that confidence.  

5.  The Goals.

Running gives me the ability to set goals for myself that I never would have dreamed of.  The college Cecilia would never dream that I would run a marathon.  The new runner Cecilia would never dream that I'd run a 26 minute 5k.  And full time working mommy Cecilia would never believe that I would be 408 days into a run streak.  

Why do YOU love running?

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