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Little Rock Marathon Recap {Part 1}

It's only been 37 days since I ran my 2nd marathon so why not go ahead and recap it?  The truth is, this one still stings quite a bit, so maybe that's why I've put it off.  It also did a lot of damage to my mental running game so I don't necessarily love thinking about it.  Nevertheless, there might be someone out there that struggles with some of the same issues that I do, and who knows...maybe we can form a marathon pukers association (MPA for short).  Anyway, when I started sorting through pictures, I decided I would definitely have to break this into 2 parts so let's get started with part 1!

Leaving on Saturday to head for Little Rock, I was super excited.  Despite a short training cycle coming off my first marathon in December, my long runs had been strong and I felt ready.  I was running with my homies, and finally meeting my Oiselle Flockmate and friend, Tara from Running N Reading.  

My homies:  Jana, Debi, and Scott

My homies:  Jana, Debi, and Scott

After a quick 2ish hour drive to Little Rock with one stop for Funyuns, we headed to the expo. I love a good expo, but this one was a little underwhelming considering how big this race is.  Packet pick up was pretty painless, and we headed around to peruse the gear for a while.  Scott picked up some Ink N Burn running jorts that were pretty spectacular (he's yet to wear them but maybe I can convince him to review them at some point). 

Obviously we needed to snag a picture with Johnny Depp or whatever his pirate name is.  The theme for the marathon this year was pirates so they had a huge pirate ship in the middle of the expo.  Johnny Depp here was busy checking Tinder or something when we bothered him for a picture.  Thus, his happy look.

The best part of the expo was seeing our friends, Danielle and Dwight from Runningluv.  This was the second day of the expo, and Danielle was so overwhelmed by how successful it had gone for them.  My dry, emotionless eyes let me almost shed a tear out of happiness for them. There is nothing better than seeing good people have success.  

You can't see it, but this rack is normally full of Runningluv's at the start of the expo!

You can't see it, but this rack is normally full of Runningluv's at the start of the expo!

After the expo, we headed to a little pizza place to see some of our Run365 teammates, although we weren't eating there. Tara was also meeting us here, and I was getting so excited! We've talked for so long now, and I just couldn't wait to get to hang out in person.  Wouldn't you know she showed up twinning with me in our Trials Hoodies??

We socialized for a bit and then headed to our teammates, Kyle and Ramona's house for a home cooked meal.  I honestly could not have asked for a better pre race meal.  They had two types of spaghetti, salad, bread, beer, and cookies for us, and it was all delicious.  Not to mention the company was the best. It was low key and relaxing and I loved every minute of it, except when those crazy Arkansans decided to Call the Hogs.  I can't even.

We then headed to our hotel to of course run our streak mile last minute for the day and prepare for the early morning ahead of us.  I was feeling a little unsettled about the weather since it was threatening to rain, plus it was cold.  Finally I decided on my race day outfit and laid it all out for the tradition of all social media runners:  the flat runner.

My alarm was set for 4:45 am and I fell asleep somewhere after 11:00.  I had dreams of PR's and pukeless runs dancing in my head.  It had to be my day....or was it?

Head back soon for Part 2 (I promise it won't be another 37 days!)

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