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The Give Back Giveaway: Runningluv

So what's a "Give Back Giveaway"?  Are you asking yourself that?  I just made it up.  Basically it's a giveaway that I'm hosting to give back to you, my readers, and to give back to a company that has supported me in ways I could never imagine.  I met Danielle, the owner of Runingluv, last year, and since then she has become a good friend of mine.  We have run races together and done training runs together, and she has always supported my streaking endeavor.  She provided Runningluvs last year for a giveaway, but this time I'm providing the Luv.  

The reason why I want to host this giveaway is because of the love Danielle showed me this past weekend.  I was so excited to find out how successful Runningluv was at the Little Rock Marathon Expo.  Danielle and her husband Dwight literally sold almost all of the product they brought with them!  I wanted to pick up another Runningluv to add to my collection and to wear at the marathon, but Dwight wouldn't take my money!  So I picked up this awesome orange and gray Runningluv and I rocked it during the marathon, using it for snot, and even puke (more on that in my race recap later).  

Obviously I want to pay my friends back for that act of kindness, but it goes even deeper. Danielle ran the half on Sunday at Little Rock and we were so excited to see her right at the turn off!  She has such a happy spirit that you can't help but feel loved when you are around her.  Let's take it even further.  Danielle and her whole family stuck around for several more hours to watch us come through the finish line.  In the cold and rain.  Who does that?  And then, when I felt like complete poop, Danielle was the one that encouraged me to go to the medical tent.  She was the voice of reason, when I had none.  I am forever indebted to her for being there for me like that!  

So I want to give three of you a chance to try a Runningluv on me!  You will not find me running without one.  In the summer, I use it to wipe up sweat, and in the winter I use it to blow my always running nose.  I find it to be as necessary as my Mizunos!  

Good luck everyone and much Luv to you all!

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