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Friday Five: Five Race Trips To Take

Today I'll be linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?, and Mar from Mar On The Run for their Friday Five Link up! Every Friday, these lovely ladies host a huge link-up with a different theme.  It's a perfect link-up for a lazy blogger like me.

The theme for today's Friday Five is Five trips to take, and I thought I would discuss 5 racecations that I would love to take at some point!  I don't get to travel for races as much as I would like because that money tree still hasn't produced any fruit in my backyard, but if money were no object, here are some trips I'd love to take:


Ragnar Florida Keys. After running Ragnar Tennessee last year (read about it here), I am in love with Ragnar.  Miles and miles of running and hanging out with your BRFs is the ultimate in racecation experiences to me.  Ragnar Florida Keys takes you across the Keys with beautiful beachy scenery.  Nuff Said.


Rock N Roll Las Vegas. When it comes to unique race experiences, this has got to be one of the best. Running at night along the strip is probably great for people watching.  Not to mention all the good food in Vegas.  PS. Registration is now open and you can use MOMMIESRUN15 for $15 off registration!


Big Sur Marathon.  This marathon might not be the one for a PR, but how often do you get to run a marathon along the Pacific coast?  The pictures always have me drooling and wishing I lived out west.  Seriously:



Knoxville Marathon. This might be a less conventional choice but it's honestly at the top of my list.  Knoxville is the city I spent four years in for college, and it is the city that has my heart. This is a notoriously hilly race, but I'd do anything to tackle those hills and cross the finish line in Neyland Stadium.


Honolulu Marathon.  Do I really need to explain this one?  A marathon...in Hawaii. Sure it's like a million degrees, but it's a marathon.  In Hawaii.

What are some of your dream racecations?

Have any of your dream racecations ever come true?

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