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The Sunday GYST II

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:






Yay for making it a week!  I love that so many of you identified with my need to get my shit together. It hasn't been easy, and I've definitely floundered on some things this week. However, I have made progress and that's the point!  My big win of the week is the fact that my sink looks like this  


I also blogged on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday last week, and got my Bloglovin' reader a bit caught up!  I'm going to go ahead and call last week a win. Now let's take a look at what I have set up for this week.  


This is the area that I suffered a bit on last week. I found that I might be trying to do too much. The point of all of this is to create sustainable habits by doing a little bit everyday. So I'll be trying different schedules to see what works best for me. As you can see, we're headed out of town for the weekend so I need to get the house in order for my mother in law to stay here with our dogs.  

Meal Plan


I was really proud of myself for sticking to the meal plan last week. It definitely made life easier knowing what we were having for dinner each night. I am taking the easy way out on Thursday this week by planning to pick up pizza just because it will be a busy night getting ready for our trip!  I'm also taking advantage of leftovers this week since I have back to back twelve hour shifts. Again, gotta make life easy some where! If you are interested, here are the recipes for the  Oven Baked Chicken Fajitas and Rice.  The Meatball and Sauce recipes are something I'll have to share with you soon!


I didn't quite stick to my workout plan last week, but I'm feeling fine about that. I got some good runs in and ended up with 25 miles total which I'm happy with. This week I'm super excited about running in my favorite city ever: Knoxville! 

Monday: 3 miles + piyo

Tuesday: 2 mi w/u + 4x hill + jasyoga

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 1 mile speed test + jasyoga

Friday: 3 miles? 

Saturday: 35 min fartlek? 

Sunday: 7 miles?

So that about sums it up!  I'd love to hear from you about any successes from your week.  I'm always open to suggestions too, if you already have your shit together :)

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