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I Hate My Guts

Calm down peeps. I'm talking literally here. I literally hate my guts, as in my gastrointestinal tract. You know...that necessary passage way from my mouth to my, well you know. 

I know I've mentioned it at some point but I regularly suffer with bloating and gas pains. I know for a fact that beans do this to me, but there are other foods that do it too. The problem is I just don't know which ones. My guts really piss me off sometimes.  

This is how I feel. Like I'm pregnant with enormous twin food babies.  

This is how I feel. Like I'm pregnant with enormous twin food babies.  

Lucky for me, Laura from Mommy Run Fast is hosting an awesome Spring 21 Day Reset. I've participated in Laura's sugar detox and 5 by the 5th, so I'm familiar with her motivating and inspiring ways. She is an amazing runner and mom so I am so excited to join up with her to reset my guts!   


The Reset starts April 27th and Laura provides an e-cookbook plus sample meal plans. We also have a Facebook group for the participants to share and motivate each other, not to mention access to Laura's wisdom! I'm so excited to have meal plans to use and the recipes in the cookbook look delicious. Focusing on whole foods always makes me feel great so I'm eager to get started.  

So what does this all mean for you, the readers of MommiesRun?

I guess it means you'll be hearing a lot more about my guts and how they are doing. You'll get an inside look at what I'm eating and how it's making me feel.  

Registration is still open if you'd like to join me. I'm excited my friend Abby is doing it too, and I'd love to have more friends join up! 


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