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Oiselle Wednesday: Go Tank

 I might be a member of The Oiselle Flock, but I've been wearing Oiselle (pronounced Wa-Zelle) for several years now. Oiselle is a company with a mission I believe in, and running clothes that help me believe in myself. Oiselle Wednesday is a day for reviewing my favorite running fashions and showing you the fit on a 5'7, 130 pound Mommy-body!


This week's review is brought to you by request from my darling friend, Tara of Running N Reading fame.  A few weeks ago I had a $25 Oiselle credit from a previous purchase that was about to expire, and I needed a quick purchase.  This gorgeous Go Tank in Pop (of course) had been staring me down for a while so I decided to grab it.  I was worried about sizing but my Oiselle teammate (and Team Nuun mate), Holly, helped me figure it out!  

I am in love with this tank.  Plain and simple...just like the tank itself.  The design is simple, made of a lightweight mesh material that hangs ever so gently.  You could easily size up for a looser fit, or size down for a tighter fit.  I ended up going with a size 6 which I find to be the perfect fit:  not too loose and not too tight.  The material is the perfect weight for our hot and humid southern summers.  The sweat I worked up was easily wicked away, while still maintaining the tank's form.

Because of how classic this tank is, it would be the perfect style to grab every color in.  You could easily throw a jacket over it and wear it out on the town even.  Despite how lightweight the material is, it is not sheer and wears beautifully over my Strappy Bra (shop the Verrazano for a similar look).

The back is a racerback style, with thin straps that make it feel like you aren't wearing much.  It is the perfect tank for those days that you want to run in your bra only, but maybe have a large food baby.  Not that I know anything about that.  When I look at that picture of the back, I keep thinking how pretty the tank is, while still being so functional.  This is truly a staple piece for every running wardrobe, especially at the $36 price point.  Yep, Oiselle hit another one out of the park with this tank!

I know y'all have been really impressed by my modeling skills, but I wanted to mention that these pictures are taken by my 6 year old daughters.  I'm pretty sure they are photographers in the making.  

Do you prefer a Racerback or Tank style top?

Do you have a go-to tank in your arsenal?

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