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Sometimes I Eat Ramen Noodles and Other Confessions

And guess what else?  Sometimes my kids eat Ramen Noodles too.  Yeah they're bad for you, yada yada yada, but they're also delicious.  Here are some other confessions that I've been dying to make...

  • Those inspirational pictures all over social media? They annoy the shit out of me.  I'm sorry. If you love them or if you post them, I don't judge you one bit for it.  For me, I just don't get motivated by a picture with pretty writing on it.  You know what motivates me? Beer. Beer motivates me:
  • Speaking of beer, in a recent development, I've become a total beer snob.  I love my #craftbeer and I'm not ashamed to confess that I try new beers based on how pretty the label is.
  • I never listen to voice mails.  
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  • Sometimes I wear my running socks two days in a row if I only ran one mile the day before in them. Yep, I'm disgusting. But you know what? Balega socks aren't cheap. 
  • I'm obviously not the fastest runner but after placing in my age group a few times now, I look at previous race results when registering for races.  If I think I can place, I definitely register. Yeah, I guess I do have a competitive side.  
  •  I'm awkward as hell, and I just don't care. In fact, I like to say it's part of my charm. If you meet me in real life, I'm guaranteed to hug you like a weirdo, make crude comments, or fall on my face. We tend to get a good laugh out of it at work.  
  • Oh and on the work front, I work with some of my best friends. Sure they happen to be 10-15 years younger than me, but when we're together I don't notice the age gap. They respect the fact that I'm a Mommy first, but they also respect the fact that I can whip their asses in a game of beer pong (when my kids are spending the night at the grandparents). They help me pick out gray hairs and I return the favor with life advice.  
  • My kids are everything to me, but sometimes I need a fucking break. And that's ok! Moms...quit pretending like you don't feel the same way! It's ok to go for a run to escape!  I guarantee you'll return a much happier Mommy. #ReasonsMommiesRun

Do you have anything to get off your chest? 

How do you really  feel about ramen noodles? 

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