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Friday Five: Summer Outdoor Fun!

Today I'll be linking up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia from You Signed Up For What?, and Mar from Mar On The Run for their Friday Five Link up! Every Friday, these lovely ladies host a huge link-up with a different theme.  It's a perfect link-up for a lazy blogger like me.


This week's Friday Five is all about summer outdoor activities and I thought this would be the perfect topic for Lexi and Lyla to blog about! So my kids are obviously smart, but I'll be doing the typing because they're not quite ready for that yet. This however, is their list and I think it's a great list of things to do with YOUR kids too! 


We love to swim in our pool or our friend's pool. We've been fish in the water since we were babies and now we can swim like big kids. Our Mommy and Daddy have a lot of rules for us when we swim but we love to have races in the pool and see who can hold their breath the longest.  Mommy said we should also mention that you should wear sunscreen if you are going swimming. We don't like the spray kind. 


Watering our garden! 

Our Mommy and Daddy built the coolest vegetable garden and we love helping out in it. We like to water the garden and then spray our dog, Belle. We also love helping to pick the tomatoes and cucumbers. Mommy says that cucumbers were one of the first foods we ever ate so we love growing our own! 


Bike riding! 

We still have our training wheels because we're still getting good at bike riding. We love riding around our neighborhood, and feeling the breeze in our curls. We also have a game we play where we ride in a circle in our drive way.  



We love swinging on our swing set! Mommy and Daddy like that they don't have to push us any more, but they worry that we swing too high by ourselves. Sometimes we get scared to swing because of the bees and wasps but Daddy always checks to make sure there aren't any nests. We've both been stung before!



Mommy let us run with her the other day and we had so much fun! It was super hot but we're pretty sure we ran really fast. We got to run down to our school and then run around by where we have recess. Mommy brought Nuun and let us wear RunningLuvs so we felt like grown ups!


 Thanks for reading our first blog post!  

What is your favorite summer activity? 

What is your favorite summer food? 

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