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The Sunday GYST IX

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:






Happy Sunday evening, y'all!  This week's GYST will be a little bit different because I am on STAYCATION!!! That means I'll be off of this bit for a week:

While I still have stuff to do, I am going to be soaking up the fact that I'm on vacation. I'll be taking advantage of my couch and my pool, and I'll be relaxing to the max. Lexi and Lyla and I came up with a different to-do list for the week and they are so excited to check things off of it. In fact, we already have checked a couple off!


We intend to spend as much time as possible in our pool, and I'm hoping to hear more of these jokes over snacks breaks:

I'm not doing a meal plan for the week, because I can run to the store whenever and grab stuff to make for dinner. As much as I love having everything planned out while I'm working, I don't feel like doing it this week. That means we'll probably be eating out a lot this week, and that's okay. It might provide moments like this:

As far as my workouts for the week, I intend to run a shit load.  I also intend to take my girls on some short runs to build up their endurance a little bit.  It's super hot here right now so I'll be taking it easy for the most part but I'm excited to log some good miles, especially since I got some bluetooth headphones today!

Clearly I'm super excited about this week and I can't wait to share my adventures with you all. I hope you all have a fabulous week!




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