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Race Recap: Road Race Series 5k #2

Two weeks ago I ran the second 5k in the Memphis Runner's Track Club Road Race Series. This is a race series that includes ten races, and you can check out my recap of the first 5k here.


Just like the previous race in the series, I woke up at an unholy hour to get ready to head to the race. I did everything the same as I previously had so need to rehash that junk. 

It was about a million degrees with ten thousand percent humidity at 7 am. I'm for real. I was sweating before the race even started which had me like...ugh. Nevertheless, I lined up in the 8:00-10:00 min/mile corral with Jana and Scott and we were off. Scott and I weren't stupid enough to think we could hang with Jana so we hung back as she sped ahead.  

The first mile actually went by pretty quickly and despite not being into the whole racing thing, I felt good. It was nice having my buddy with me and we were even able to crack some jokes about short cuts through the second mile. 

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2015 MRTC RRS 2nd 5K &emdash;

As it does most of the time I race this course, the third mile got me. I couldn't keep up with Scott and said, "Fuck it" and took a couple walk breaks. Uphill and directly into the sun was not my idea of a good way to end this race. I hated feeling like I was giving up, but I also was not into it. This seems to be a common theme with me and racing lately. I guess we could discuss that on another day.  

Memphis Runners Track Club: 2015 MRTC RRS 2nd 5K &emdash;

I ended up finishing in 30:17 which was incredibly disappointing. I'm not sure why I feel disappointed considering I gave up, but I hate that I've lost so much speed recently. I was 613 out of 1226 total runners, 234 out of 661 females, and 44 out of 112 in my age group. Way to represent. 

However, the day wasn't a complete waste since Jana managed to PR in that ridiculous weather! She finished in 24:31 which is just incredible to me. I couldn't be prouder or more impressed. 

While I'm clearly super bummed by my performance, I can't let it get to me too much. This is really all my doing as I have been running the bare minimum to keep some semblance of fitness. Maybe I can use it as motivation to get my ass in gear. Or maybe I'll just keep staying along for the ride, looking cute in my Oiselle gear!


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