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I'm borrowing this post idea from my friend, Sarah, who borrowed the idea from Amanda. Imitation is the highest form of flattery or something like that so let's do this.  


Current book:  

I just checked out Ronda Rousey's book, My Fight/Your Fight, from the library yesterday, and I'm so excited to dig into it. She is an incredible woman! I just finished My Sunshine Away which was recommended to me by Tara and I loved it. It's so beautifully written and I found the story really grabbed me.  

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Current music: 

I've been listening to a lot of Phish's summer tour lately from our Live Phish app. I love having so many different shows to listen to.  I haven't been listening to music while I run, but I'm all about some jams in the car.

Current guilty pleasure: 

Periscope. Hands down. I can get sucked into those videos so easily. I'm trying to jump on this social media train early so that I'm ahead when it really picks up! You can follow me at Cecilia @ MommiesRun. I'm currently participating in Katie's Periscope Project and I love watching the other participants broadcasts. 

Current nail color: 

Ha. Who has time for that?!  

Current drink: 

Jana got me obsessed with orange Nuun and I'm finding myself grabbing that flavor over and over! It's so refreshing. I'm also still in love with Wiseacre's Ananda when it comes to beer. It's a crisp IPA that I just can't quit! 

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Current food: 

All of them.  


Current obsession: 

It sounds weird, but lately I'm obsessed with reading. I love going to the library and just looking at all the books. I'm also obsessed with having my girls read to me. I'm just amazed with how well they are doing.  

Current craving: 

Watermelon. Crisp, sweet, juicy watermelon. I'm going to be so sad when it's not in season any more.  

Current need: 

I'm in desperate need of an eyebrow waxing. My eyebrows look like caterpillars and I know thicker eyebrows are in right now, but not the way mine grow in. Wowzers they are so not on fleek right now.  

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Current bane of my existence: 

Forever and always I will curse my inability to resist the snooze button. I simply can not wake up any earlier than I need to! I'm guessing my current obsession isn't helping that matter.  

Current indulgence: 

I feel so guilty saying this but I always keep it real so don't hate me: I'm indulging in free time now that the girls are back to school. Yes, I miss them, but I also love having more time for ME. I get chores done and I even take a nap sometimes!

Current procrastination: 

Ha! I guess this blog would really be an area that I procrastinate in big time. I have such huge plans and then I keep pushing it off. Right now I'm working on how to use Mail Chimp so that you can get MommiesRun in your email and I'm really sucking at reading directions. #Fail

Current confession: 

I kind of already did that in my current indulgence but here's another one: I've been thinking about ending my run streak at day 600. I'm not seeing any benefits any more in my running, but I'm terrified I'll slack off big time if I stop. I only have a few more days till 600 so I need to figure it out soon. 


Current blessing: 

I'm always blessed by my girls, but I feel incredibly blessed to have children that love school. They love learning, and their teachers, and their friends, and they are loved there as well. There's nothing like receiving an email from your child's teacher proclaiming them to be "a teacher's dream".  


Current excitement: 

It's almost college football season! My team is the University of Tennessee Volunteers and people are really hyped on our team this season. I'm cautiously optimistic because I don't want to be let down, but I'm so excited. I love everything about college football! 

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Current mood: 

I'm pretty content at the moment. I don't have anything to complain about and life is pretty good! 

I love blog posts like these, and I'd love to see your "Currently's" also! Answer one or a few of the topics in the comments :)







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