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The Sunday GYST XII

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:





Hey hey hey. I'm not gonna lie...I'm pretty damn proud of myself for how much my shit was together this weekend. I mean, sheets are clean, people. That's huge. Disgusting that I'm telling you that, but huge. Everyone do a cheer. I posted this link yesterday in my new Socially Saturday post, but it check it out, because it really explains a lot about me.



It's another week around here, compounded by the fact that the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, starts tonight. It's about to be all apples 'n' honey in here y'all! Luckily I'll be able to attend services on Tuesday but I'll be at work tomorrow. Despite my productive weekend, there's still plenty to do around here and I'm hoping to knock quite a bit out this week. I'd love to deep clean the girls' room but I was realistic with myself and didn't put it on the list. If a crazy bit of energy hits me, or I find a mountain of Sudafed (kidding), I might throw it on the list for Friday!

Meal Plan

Rosh Hashanah takes care of a couple meals this week (thank you Mommy and Daddy), but I'm looking to really get us back on board with healthier eating. I'll be discussing this a little more in a blog post on Tuesday, but I'm making Commitment my bitch for the next few months. I'm going all-in in the Health department, even with my eating. Damn food...bane of my existence. Anyway, I have no earth shattering recipes to share for the week, but I am excited to bring back an old favorite with this Stuffed Pepper Soup


Again, I'll discuss this more on Tuesday, but half marathon training starts tomorrow. That means it's time to get serious about my running and general fitness. I'm not going to be half-assing it like I have in the past so if you are reading this...hold me accountable. Check up on me. Make me feel like shit if I slack. This half is not about me this time, and I want to hold up my end of the bargain. You can see my workouts for the week in the "to do" picture above!


Alright friends, that's my week.  I'm going to go out and be the Leslie Knope of everything I do this week, and I hope you will too!

What are you most proud of from this past week?

Favorite comedy sitcom? 

I'm clearly having a major Parks and Recreation infatuation.


Socially Saturday