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The Sunday GYST XIII

Have you ever read a blog that makes you feel crappy about yourself?  Well, this isn't that type of blog. I've never hid the fact that I'm unorganized or that I struggle with untimely laziness. If you have the same affliction, you've come to the right place, because Sunday's are now all about the GYST:






Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great week last week, and are ready to make this week even better. To be honest, I used to really dislike Sundays. They just seem so final. But now I kind of embrace them because I like spending some time with my planner and figuring out the week ahead. So let's see just what I figured out!



I'm kind of taking it easy this week and not putting too much on my plate. Sometimes it's okay to just get back to basics, and that's what I have planned.  I keep reminding myself that it's okay to take it easy, especially since I found myself exhausted at times last week. My major goal for this week is to clean our shower! We have 3 showers in this house, yet we all shower in the same one. Therefore, it needs some TLC. NUFF SAID. 

Meal Plan


Last week was a total bomb in the meal plan department. I might have planned our meals on paper, but I failed to put it into action. This week is already starting off better as I have chili on the stove now, and I bought the fixings for dinner for tomorrow night. Yep, getting my shit together.  


I'll be breaking down my workouts more on Tuesday but I did pretty awesome last week. I already have a run date with Debi for Tuesday's speed work, and I can't wait to have another great week in running. I do need to put more focus on my strength and yoga for this week though. Also, confession: I was done with a 10k this morning by 8 am. As much as I hate waking up, I LOOOOOOVE having the whole night to do other stuff!  


What was your favorite meal last week? 


What is you number one goal for this week? 

Weekend Update .:8:.

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