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Weekend Update .:8:.

I'm really thinking we should petition Tara to bring back her Weekend Update, because she does such a better job than me. But until then, you're stuck with my feeble attempts at entertainment. Fun stuff! 

The kids were out of school on Friday for teacher inservice day so I felt the need to treat them to a super healthy breakfast: 


Why yes, those are toasted marshmallows. No worries though, they had ice cream cones for lunch so it all balanced out. Later in the day we headed to Target to get some stuff, and of course we had to hit up the toy aisle. While the girls were checking out everything they want for their birthday, I caught Lexi working on her exotic dancer skills: 


I am one proud Mommy. 


I did feel better about my parenting skillz when they took up shop on the book aisle for a while. I couldn't help but remember when I assumed a similar position as a wee lass back in my day. I'm so thankful they love to read (and exotic dance).  


After I ran that night, the girls joined me for a little yoga and stretch session. I am so pleased with my little dancer's pigeon pose. I think she really has a future:


I had to work from 8-6 on Saturday so I don't have a ton of exciting things to tell yall about except:

  • We ate Moe's for lunch and it was good.  
  • The Vols won! 
  • Bama lost! 

Sunday morning I was up bright and early at 5 am for a 10k. I know, it's amazing I woke up but I was picking up my #runninghusband, Scott (my homegirl Jana's real life husband). Had I not been picking him up, I so would not have woken up. And then I so would have missed a huge PR! I'll recap this race at a later time but I'm so pumped about the results. 


You know what the best part about carpooling with Scott is? He loves post-race donuts as much as I do. So we got some donuts. And they were good.  

I headed to work not long after the race, still on a major high. That definitely made the day go by quickly! I got a major craving for sushi so I chowed down on a California Roll from our little sushi counter. 


After work I got to hang with my family, eat some chili, and watch some football. And do some dishes, because I have my shit somewhat together. I couldn't wait to get in bed and read some of my Oiselle Book Club book, Once A Runner, but I think I crashed after a couple of pages!  And then I woke up and noticed I had quite a collection of Mizunos growing by me. 


So that was my awesome weekend! I hope yours was just as fun and filled with exotic dancers.  

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