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Socially Saturday 3

Happy Saturday, friends! I hope you are all relaxing after successful long runs or races or whatever it is you do on Saturdays. Me, I got in a run and some lunch and then FOOTBALL. Today is a huge game for Tennessee. I can barely talk about it because my stomach is in knots, but it's been 10 years since we beat Florida. Ten years ago Facebook barely existed. Scary right? Speaking of Facebook, it's time for Socially Saturday, a day for recapping all of the fun around social media and the Internet!


Should have worn Oiselle.  

This guy is my spirit animal.  

Take advantage.  

Wow, I'm old.  

I'm adding 0.1 miles to all my runs.  

I am a marathoner.  

Love this dude.  

Laugh out loud to life.  

It's all too true.  

I have so much respect.  

And that's that! Feel free to send me any funny links you find! I'd love to share.  


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