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Training Week 2 + Some Cool Friends

Another training week done! I have to say, I love having a schedule. Which is kind of strange because I truly am a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of girl. Maybe that's why I enjoy a schedule so much. As I mentioned in my Sunday GYST , my week was kind of a jumbled mess last week. My schedule was all flopped around and so I ended up missing my tempo run and a 3 mile run. Not the commitment I had spoken of, but also not huge enough for me to beat myself up about it. Here's how my week went down:

Monday 9/21/15

I started out the week with a 1 mile run instead of my scheduled 3 mile run, mostly because I was tired after closing at work, but also because I felt like my legs deserved it after the previous day's 10k PR. So I did 1 mile at 9:09 pace and called it a day.

Tuesday 9/22/15

This was my first speedwork of the training cycle and I was super nervous. Thankfully my girls, Jana and Debi, came along with me to tackle 7 x 400m. We warmed up with an easy mile and then started the intervals, recovering with a 200m jog in between sets. I wanted to hit an 8:30 pace for each interval and here's what we ended up with: 8:19, 8:17, 7:52, 8:11, 8:01, 8:09, 8:29. (those are min/mile measurements) We cooled down for another easy mile and ended up with 4.61 miles at 10:00 cumulative pace. So I'm kind of super pumped about that workout.

Wednesday 9/23/15

Another one mile day after an 8-8 shift. I did this one on the treadmill so it was a simple 10:00 paced mile.

Thursday 9/24/15

Normally I work on Thursdays but I was off and working Friday instead. I set out to do my tempo run, but it was hot and I wasn't into it so cut it to just a 3 mile run at 9:35 pace.

Friday 9/25/15

Once again I was 8-8 and had no energy for anything more than 1 mile at 10:00 pace on the treadmill.

Saturday 9/26/15

It was another hot one so once again I wimped out on my tempo run, settling for 3 miles at 9:49 pace. I hate that I wimped out on it, but I just couldn't convince myself to do it, especially since I had a "long" run the next day.

Sunday 9/27/15 

I kind of moped around all day thanks to a pitiful football game the day before. I kept thinking I'd get outside and I get my 6 miles done, but before I knew it, it was dark. I thought about just skipping it because I had run 6 the weekend before but then I grew a heart and I got on the treadmill and I did it. 6 miles at 9:53 pace. Honestly, I know that was too fast for me for a long run, but I hate the treadmill and so I wanted off of it!

Did you notice what else was missing this week besides my tempo run? Yep, strength work. I just can't get into it. I need to though. I see all my running heroes putting in the work and I know its necessary but I just haven't found something I enjoy enough. Help!

Some Cool Friends

Why yes I do manage to have friends despite the fact that all I talk about these days is Parks and Recreation. Luckily some of my friends even join along. But not these friends, nope they just run 50 miles for their 50th birthday, and hit their 1000th day of their run streak. 

Here's Terry, who managed to raise over $6000 for St. Jude, as he ran 50 miles. Dude just started running 2 years ago. He's a beast. And he's my friend.

And here's Scott, who just celebrated his 1000th consecutive day of running at least a mile a day. He's my own personal run streak guru and my #runninghusband and he's still going, because that's what he does!

Excuse my bragging. My friends are just pretty cool, and I'm ridiculously proud to know them. 

If you are interested in helping me raise money for St. Jude, please visit my fundraising page! All donations are appreciated! Thank you!

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