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I'm going to have to guess that if you are here reading this, you probably follow me on Instagram or Facebook.  I post my runs there daily, and you've probably noticed that my running for most of this year has been a major struggle. Sure, I've managed to maintain my run streak, 622 days as of today of at least a mile a day. But I've barely been hanging on lately. 

I'm lucky in that I've had no major injuries this year to make running difficult, unless you count a minor bout of marathon-induced PTSD after Little Rock. I know it might seem like an off-color joke, but I legit suffered mentally after that race. I also had some lower leg/calf/shin issues at one point but I was able to Jasyoga my way out of that. Nevertheless, I can't blame an injury on my running struggles this year. It was all my doing.

But now I'm ready to bust out of my running funk and conquer a new round of half marathon training. I've decided to focus on commitment to my love of running this go around, and I plan to go all-in. I'm not naive to the fact that there will be missed workouts in the next 12 weeks, but I plan to work hard. 

The thing is, this half marathon is not just about me. The half marathon and I are old friends by now and I'm excited to introduce it to two of my best friends this time. I'll be helping two of my friends, Allison and Mallory, train for and run their first half marathon! When Mallory approached me about doing this with her, I instantly said yes. Then I started realizing, while I might be a more seasoned distance runner than these girls, they are 12-15 years younger than me. And let's not forget Allison is a former collegiate soccer and tennis player. Basically, I realized, I could end up being the weakest link in this equation if I don't get my ass in gear. 

Allison in glasses and Mallory on far right

Allison in glasses and Mallory on far right

And that's when I decided to commit. Not just for me, but for Allison and Mallory. I need to be in shape to do for them what Brooke, Debi, Abby, Jana, Scott, and many other running friends have done for me, and that's to motivate and lead. I need to motivate them to give their all when their heads give up. I need to lead them through the hard training runs and the proverbial "wall" during the race. I believe in myself, and I believe I can do this.

While I'm committing to following the plan I have drawn up for us, I'm also committing to some other changes during this training. 

  • A healthier diet with more focus on fruits and veggies and greater attention towards breakfast.
  • Better hydration efforts during the day.
  • Focus on strength training and yoga.
  • Replacing afternoon Red Bull with Nuun Energy (when needed).
  • Getting out of the "comfort zone".

Are you wondering what race we will be running? Well, it wouldn't be a December without the St. Jude Memphis Half Marathon and Marathon. This race was my first half and my first full marathon, and I am so excited to be training for it yet again. St. Jude means so much to me, as it does for so many people in Memphis, and I can't imagine ever NOT running either the half or full. 

Of course I have once again committed to running as a St. Jude Hero, meaning that I will be raising money for the hospital. As a reminder, no family ever pays a single penny while being treated at St. Jude for childhood cancers. It is through donations that they are able to do this, and that's why I will be pestering you for your donations during the next 12 weeks! Last year I was able to raise over $1000 and this year I would like to do the same. I'm so proud that Allison and Mallory also chose to run as Heroes too, and they are well on their way towards their goals.

If you would like to donate, whether it's $5 or $500, please click this link to be directed to my fundraising page. Feel free to share it with whomever you would like. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! 

I also need your help to keep me committed! Check back often to see how my training is going. I'll be giving you training updates every Tuesday from now until the race on December 5th!



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