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#Whole30 Days 5, 6, and 7

Somehow I survived a week on Whole30 and I dare say I'm going strong. I had some low moments this weekend but I didn't totally succumb to cravings! One of the biggest eye openers for me after reading "It Starts With Food", had to do with how psychological some cravings are. Especially sugar cravings. I want to be in control over what I eat, not the other way around. So while I did create a dessert type food for myself this weekend, I didn't blow it by having an iced sugar cookie like I found myself tempted by. Let's call that a breakthrough. 

Day 5

This day was not so pretty for me. I woke up to get the girls ready for school, took them to school, and then found myself back in bed taking a nap thanks to a ferocious headache. This kind of blew the whole day for me as I didn't have breakfast until basically lunch time. Which then meant I didn't have lunch, and to top it off we went out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant. I got a picture of my breakfast, but I didn't really feel like taking pictures in the restaurant, where I had salmon and veggies.  


How I was feeling: 

Defeated. I realized a cooking spray I had used earlier in the week had soy in it. Plus I'm sure my salmon and veggies had something in it I wasn't supposed to eat because my stomach exploded later on that night. I decided that I wasn't going to start all over because I didn't totally blow it.  

Day 6

I was determined to have a better day and it started out much better as I woke up on my own fairly early (for me). This meant my eating schedule would be much better than the day before! 


I decided to switch up my eggs a bit and scramble them with my power greens mix. Yes that's tons of pepper on the eggs. Just love some pepper!  


I decided to have lunch after I ran to help with my post run hunger. I made myself a big salad with leftover chicken, raspberries, walnuts, and Tessemae's Balsalmic. The flavors were so perfect together!  


We ate out once again, which I'm finding really sucks on Whole30. But I managed to find something compliant with a veggie Spud and grilled chicken salad, minus the cheese, bacon, and croutons at Mcalister's. Unfortunately this meal left me highly unsatisfied and I was craving something sweet. 


I whipped up this desserty-treat to calm my cravings. I chopped up an apple and heated it in the microwave then topped it with a scoop of almond butter and some cinnamon for an apple pie type of treat. While this is not recommended on Whole30, it's better than what I could have done to myself!

Side note: I ate a LaraBar before my run and snacked on some olives in the afternoon.  

How I was feeling: 

Overall I felt better than I did on Day 5, but I did feel some anger due to a less than stellar tempo run. I was frustrated because my tempo pace felt harder than it should have. I couldn't help but feel like it was due to Whole30 which just made me angry about what I was eating and what I was NOT eating.  

Day 7

Luckily I love eggs so I actually look forward to starting my day with them! I've been cooking them in coconut oil and I added some raw broccoli to the pan today to stir fry and it turned out great. I topped the eggs with salsa and ate it all on a bed of power greens. 


I honestly wasn't that hungry for lunch but I knew I needed to eat because I was going to meet my friends at Starbucks and I didn't want to be tempted by any sweet treats. I kept it easy and had a sweet potato with chicken sausage and a kiwi.  


For dinner I made us quite the meal! I cooked up some delicious steaks with baked potatoes and roasted broccoli. I seared the steaks in a mixture of ghee and olive oil before cooking them in the oven, and seasoned them simply with salt and pepper and garlic. Oh and I topped my baked potato with some guacamole. Delicious!  


How I was feeling:

I actually had no snacks today! Is this a breakthrough or what?! I'm not really sure why today was a good day but I'll take it. My run felt a lot better today too. Plus, I stayed strong at Starbucks and had a coffee with a shake of cinnamon. 

I'm excited to start a new week and while I anticipate challenges, I hope I can continue to handle them as best as I can! If you are curious, here is my shopping list for week 2:

Whole30 week 2 shopping list

To see what I'm planning on eating this week, feel free to check out the Sunday GYST from yesterday!

Thank you for continuing to follow my Whole30 journey! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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