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2016 Goals

Since I just recapped how well I fared in completing my 2015 goals, I guess it's time to reveal my 2016 goals. Once again, I like to be realistic with my goals, because who wants to stare at a bunch of failed goals at the end of the year. But also, I am pushing my boundaries a bit this year especially with one of my goals. 

2016 goals

So there's that one big goal. That goal that I thought about keeping to myself (besides the few friends that know about it). That goal that is so scary that I don't want to tell y'all because if I fail I'll be super bummed. But I'm going to share it...because if it's out there then it's real. 

1. Run a Sub-2:00 Half Marathon

There it is. I know, people do this all the time, but this is huge for me. So huge, that I've enlisted the help of a run coach (more on this later). You might be thinking, "Cecilia, you've come no where near this time in previous half marathons, how the hell do you think you will do this?". And I would answer, I have to believe that through hard work and mental training, I can do anything. Boom. I'm giving myself all year to achieve this goal, but I have a half in March that I'm busting my butt training for. Stay tuned.

2. PR the 5k

All of my 5k's last year were pretty abysmal. I'm hoping this spring/summer I can beat my previous PR of 26:28 from 2014. I feel like if my half training continues to go well, that this should really be in reach. 

3. Streak On

I've threatened to quit my #MommiesRun365 streak a million times, but I want to keep going. I have no end date so this goal is just an ongoing goal. Just keep running.

4. Grow Muscles

I say this every year, but this year I want to take it to heart. I have a special sports bra coming my way at some point this year, and I'd love to be in shape enough to rock it at a race. I'm excited to have a partner in crime for this goal thanks to Oiselle's Run Lover challenge. Cathy, we can do this!

5. Blog Consistently

I really want to find a blogging schedule that works for me, and that I can keep up with. I love blogging because of the relationships that I've formed, but also because it provides me with a creative outlet. Not that I'm creative, but it forces me to use my brain for things other than pharmacy stuff.

6. Read One New Book A Month:

This is a newer goal for me, but I have found that I love reading. Love it. I'm obsessed with the library and I just can't get enough of the GoodReads app. Now I'm not saying I'm going to review the books that I read, I'll just leave that to Tara.

7. Cook Dinner At Least 4 Times Per Week:

This is a totally doable goal, but it involves prepping, and I'm ready to commit to it. I will use my Sunday GYST blog series to plan our meals, and then I will get the grocery shopping done to complete it. Then, I'll come back the next Sunday, and report how I did! Accountability!


And that's it. If I make too many more goals, I'll feel overwhelmed. Sure, I want to be a better person, and save money, and blah blah blah. But I'm just going to leave it at 7 because that seems like a lucky number. 

Do you have any goals you'd like to share?


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