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I'm A January Joiner!

January Joiner. Jeez that term is awful, but I'm using it because that's what I am right now. No, I didn't join a gym. Thankfully my husband has created a nice little gym inside my house for me to play around in, and pretend like I know what I'm doing. So what did I join?


Sigh. You've seen this crap from me before. I've attempted to clean up my eating approximately 6.7 times in the past year alone. But I feel like this time is different. My Oiselle teammate, Margaret from Young and Rungry (please read her blog), and Gretchen from Gretch Runs,  created a Facebook group for a bunch of runners to come together to tackle the Whole30 program together. Sure, I'm only on day 2, but the support system is going to make a world of difference for me. Also, Tara is doing it too, and I never want to let that lady down. 

So What Is Whole30?

Basically it is a 30 day program designed to clean up your diet in an effort to improve your health and well being. You eliminate dairy, sugar, grains, and alcohol and focus on lean protein sources, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. Sounds scary, but it is totally doable for me because I love those foods. Yes, no cheese and beer is a travesty, but I'm reading the book that started it all, "It Starts With Food", and everything is clicking for me. After the 30 days, you reintroduce the eliminated foods and discover what you can do without.

Why Am I Doing This?

I've discussed it in the past, but my gastrointestinal system is a complete mess most of the time. By the end of most days, I am bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable, and I want to know why. Whole30 eliminates foods that potentially cause this Leaky Gut, and hopefully it will help me figure out what I am eating that is basically killing me (exaggeration). Also, in the past year I have gained 10ish pounds and I know it's because of my inability to control myself when I get home from work. I eat everything and anything in my way, and I basically don't stop until I go to bed. Besides the vanity issue, it's not healthy, and I need to knock it off. Whole30 focuses on filling your plate at the 3 main meals with "good food", and it does not involve counting calories (Hallelujah, because that math hurts my head).

So What Am I Eating?

Yay, I hoped you would ask me this! In order to keep myself accountable, I plan on sharing everything I am eating. I don't have a fancy camera, so my pictures are amateur at best, but I feel like sharing what I'm eating will make me mindful of what goes in my mouth! I don't plan on flooding your Instagram with pictures of all of my food (except when I really really need you to see something), so you'll have to check back here for all the scoop. Here's what I've eaten so far:

Day 1 breakfast:  2 eggs and  Aidell's chicken and apple sausage  on a bed of power greens plus coffee with almond milk

Day 1 breakfast: 2 eggs and Aidell's chicken and apple sausage on a bed of power greens plus coffee with almond milk

Day 1 lunch:  Sweet potato, avocado, boiled chicken, and  Tessemae's Balsalmic

Day 1 lunch: Sweet potato, avocado, boiled chicken, and Tessemae's Balsalmic

Day 1 dinner:  Vegetable beef soup

Day 1 dinner: Vegetable beef soup

Although Whole30 asks that you avoid snacking if possible, I did end up having an apple and some almonds in the afternoon. Thanks to the Facebook group, I have realized that being an "athlete" does allow for a few modifications! I also had a cup of herbal tea at bedtime to soothe my late night cravings. 

Am I Going To Give Up Nuun too?

Heck no. Sorry, but even though it's not Whole30 approved, I can't quit my Nuun. I figure if I find none of my symptoms go away, then maybe that's the issue. But it's not, so let's don't even go there. 

What About the Family?

No, they are not participating completely. Sure, they had the same soup I had last night, but they also had bread, and that's okay. However, reading "It Starts With Food" does have me wanting to clean up their diets as well. Baby steps though...

Any Thoughts After Day 1?

I loved starting my day off with a big breakfast like I did. I never do that, and it really fueled my morning. Work was pretty easy to navigate because I had prepped my lunch the day before and I was ready. I did get hungry in the afternoon, which was tough because we wouldn't be eating dinner until later. However, I stayed strong and fought the urge to snack on cheese like I normally would! Luckily, in my running world, it was an easy one mile day and I did not have any fueling problems. I even had enough energy to read before bedtime! 

Welcome to my 30 day journey. I'm hopeful that it won't be too annoying, and maybe you'll even be inspired to give Whole30 a go too! 

Have you ever done a round of Whole30?

What food would be impossible for you to give up?




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